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The Blaies Family History

from c. 1610 on

As of 1610, the origin of the Blaies family is the French village of Petit-Tenquin in the parish of Hellimer, 30 miles from the city of Metz in the state of Moselle, in the Lorraine area of NE France. At least two brothers, Jean Michael Blaies, 1823--1902 and Jean Georges Blaies, 1829-->1857 emigrated around 1855 and settled in St. Louis, Missouri and Arnold, MO. Later Jean Michael Blaies, 1823--1902 and his family moved to Mascoutah, St. Clair Co., Illinois, USA. Jean Michael Blaies, 1823--1902 was my great Grandfather.

The earliest known member of the Blaies family is Claude Blaies, c. 1645-->1675. Although his exact birthplace is unknown, Claude was most likely born in the village of Petit-Tenquin. Claude's parents are unknown.

Claude Blaies, c. 1645-->1675, is the earliest known Blaies ancestor. His wife was Anne Karp, c. 1645-->1675. Her exact date of birth and birth place is unknown. Anne's parents are unknown but were married sometime before 1645. Claude Blaies, c. 1645-->1675, and Anne Karp had at least two children. They were,

  1. Christopher Blaies
  2. Nicolas Blaies, 9-28-1675-->1727.

If you think you are connected to this Blaies family please let me know and I will send you a copy of the 40 page Blaies history.

One of the Blaies maternal family lines, Rosstauscher goes back 14 generations to c. 1610. This line may go as far back as c. 1595. We have 2 distant cousins in the general area of Petit-Tenquin in France. They are Jean Fleury, 1924--12-6-1994, and Josephine Lauth. Jean was my generations' 6th and 8th cousin and Josephine is my generations' 2nd cousin 4 times removed.

There are 12 known generations of Blaies' on the paternal side. As of 1995, there are almost 1000 Blaies descendents.

During the many German occupations the village of Petit-Tenquin was and is sometimes still called Kleine-Tenquin. The French name of Blaies is spelled Blas in German. In French it may be spelled Blaise.

Gross Tenquin is the larger sister village near Petit Tenquin. There is a Catholic Shrine in the village of Gross Tenquin that is for St. Blaies. Many of the Blaies names in the area in the 1700's were written with (en) at the end, i.e. Blaies(en).

The migration path of the Blaies family is from the village of Petit-Tenquin in Lorraine, France, 30 miles from the city of Metz, to America, to Rock Township in Jefferson Co., Mo., (most likely the Arnold, Mo. area) to Mascoutah, Ill., to Belleville, Ill. Jean Michael Blaies, 1823--1902 my great Grandfather settled in Mascoutah, IL while his brother Jean Georges Blaies, 1829-->1857 seems to have stayed in St. Louis, MO. There is no record of Jean Georges Blaies, 1829-->1857 death or his final destination.

In 1845, 1846, and 1847, the potato crop failed in Lorraine. This caused mass emigration very much like the famine in Ireland. As in Ireland, the potato was the main diet of the people. Jean Michel Blaies came to America sometime before 1856. Most likely, Jean Michel Blaies, 1823--1902, left Lorraine between 1851, and 1856. He was about 33 years old when he emigrated to America.

Traveling from Germany to America, never having seen the ocean would have been quite a thrill.

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