McGrail Family Blazon and Crest

cGrail Family Achievement

The McGrail family motto: "In Recto Fides", ("Faith in rectitude")

The McGrail Achievement

The Blazon of Arms: Argent per bend vert charged with three of wheat between two trefoils Azure.

Bend: Represents a should belt of armament. Garb: A shock of wheat, one of the oldest charges in Heraldry and signifies peace and plenty. Unicorn: This animal is prized and esteemed for his virtue, as well as strength. His haughty spirit and willingness to die rather than be subjugated, makes the Unicorn a popular charge in Heraldry. Trefoil:Flower of three leaves representing the emblem of fertility, the ancient Romans adorned their arms and chaplets of victorioud with trefoils. Colors: ARGENT (silver or white) denotes peace, innocence and sincerity. VERT: (green) signifies youth and strength. AZURE: (blue) signifies loyalty and truth. OR: (gold) signifies generosity and elevation of the mind.

Crest: A Dexter arm, holding a sword pommel and hilted OR

Supporters: Two Unicorns rampant OR

Seat: Lisfultighan, Inishmagrath Catholic parish, Inishmagrath civil parish, Barony of Drumahaire, Co Leitrim, Connaught, Ireland



Historical Burial site: Abbey of Tarmon, Co Leitrim

The documentation states that it was drawn by Elmer G. Eubanks, a heraldic artist in Jackson Mississippi, and states he is a member of the Heraldic Society of Londn. "Lineage: the original of this histoic Irish family is remarkable and of great antiquity. When Robert, Chief of the Sept (clan) made his submission to the English Government 1547, King edward VI granted the McGrail the right to add to their arms the supporters of two gold unicorns, rampant. Arms registered and recorded in the Office of Arms of Ireland, also the College of Arms. Authority: Rietstap's Armorial General

The above Armorial Arms were found by Greg McGrail of SI, NY and pointed out to me by Hugh McGrail of Boston, MA USA

The other McGreal Armorial Arms

Michael McTiernan
N40 03' 09.4"
W75 24' 14.1"
Last updated May 4, 1998


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