McGreal Family Blazon and Crest

cGreal Family Armorial Coat of Arms & Crest

The McGreal Family motto: Per Virtutem Scientamque, (By Virtue Knowledge)

The McGreal / McGrail Armorial Coat of Arms & Crest

The Blazon of Arms: Quarterly, 1st, Azure (blue) a lion rampart Argent (silver); 2nd, or, a dexter arm couped below the elbow lying fessways Gules (red) the hand grasping a cross crosslet fitchlee' Azure (blue); 3rd, a lymphed Sable (black); 4th, Argent (silver), out & waves of the sea in base proper, a rock issuant Gules (red).

Translation: Ermine (fur) is the emblem of Dignity. Argent (silver) signifys Peace and Sincerity. Vert (green) denotes Hope, Love and Joy. Argent (silver) signifys Peace and Sincerity. Azure (blue) represents Loyality and Truth. Or (gold) denotes Generosity and Intellect. Lions denote strength, courage and majesty.

Crest: A rock Gules

Translation: Gules, warrior, brave and strong but generous and just; the martyr's color




Historical Burial site: Abbey of Tarmon

A gallowglass family (Scottish mercenary) family established in Mayo and Leitrim.

The text above pertains to the Arms on the left. Test describing the Arms on the right: McGrail Armorial Arms

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