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The Fries Family History

from c.1545 on

As of 1580, the origin of the paternal side of the Fries family is a German village called Strüth, parish of Rottingen, District of Würzburg in the Franconia Region of Bavaria near the Baden border. Strüth is about 15 miles south of Würtzburg. St. John Nepomucen or Nepomuk is the name of the church in the village of Strüth in 1991.

Before emigrating to America, the Fries family first moved from Strüth, Bavaria to Kützbrunn, Baden. The family emigrated in 1848 and settled in Belleville, St. Clair Co., IL.

In 1980, Strüth had a population of 167 people. It's located in the district of Würzburg. It's zip code is D8701 and the nearest train stop is in the village of Röttingen. The Tauber River runs very close to the village of Strüth.

The earliest known member of the direct paternal line of the Fries family is Burkhard Fries, 1580--1640. The earliest known Fries ancestor on the maternal side lived two generations later than the time of Columbus. His name was Michael Eck, born c. 1545. Our ancestor was born just as Henry VIII of England was ending his long and eventful reign.

Burkhard Fries, 1580--6-3-1640, was born in Strüth, Würzburg, Bavaria (zip D8701) in the parish of Röttingen sometime in the year 1580. The exact date is unknown. The name of his wife was Margaret Spenkuch, 1577--12-20-1641. They were married on Wednesday, 7-6-1603, most likely in the village of Strüth, parish of Röttingen. Margaret Spenkuch's father was Adam Spenkuch, <1557--. Her mother's name is unknown. Burkhard was most likely a farmer. Burkhard Fries and his wife, Margaret died in Strüth, Bavaria.

Most likely, Burkhard had a brother named, Johann Fries, 1565--1637, born in Strüth. The names of Burkhard and Johann Fries' parents are unknown.

The Fries ancestor that is common to all our Fries descendents in America is Georgius Michael Fries, 1793-->1848. Three of his five children were Konradus, Justine and Margaret Fries.

My great Grandfather, Konradus Fries had several sisters, all but one emigrated to America. Two of his five sisters were Margaret and Justine Fries. Margaret married John Wittmeier and Justine married August Becker. Both settled in Belleville in St. Clair Co., IL.

If you think you are connected to this Fries family please let me know and I will send you a copy of the 50 page Fries history.

Michael McTiernan

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