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Born 1813

Spouse's Name: 
(1) Appollinia				 
(2)  Abigail Wetzel Bender (1820-1907)   	

William Bender may have been married twice. Schuylkill County Vital Records V2, p55 shows William and Appollinia as the parents of Ellen Jane. However, death records of William Etwin and Ellen Jane (p114 of same source) state Abigail is their mother. The mystery is compounded by the birth of Cyrus August Klingeman in 1871 (p296 of same source) born to Cyrus & Appolina (Bender) Klingeman. If William were married to Appollinia in 1846, this latter Appolina could have been another of their children.

As noted in a letter from Elwood M. Young to Postmaster, March 23, 1953, William Bender may have come to Mable, PA from Woodward about 1835.

Children were: 
an infant son
Kate m ? Hamer
an infant daughter
Lucetta m Simon Young 
William Etwin b June 18, 1846 and died Jan 20, 1863
Ellen Jane b Aug 29, 1848 and baptized May 27, 1849.  Died Feb 10, 1863.  
Henry b Aug 1, 1854 and died Dec 31, 1927 m Mary Ramer
Lidia b Nov 28, 1859 and baptized Apr 3, 1861, m Henry Mummaw.  Buried with Henry (1854 - 1922) and John H. (1877 - 1941).  Her dates read 1861 - 1936.
Amanda m ? Herb
Emma b Jan 27, 1863 and baptized Feb 12, 1863 m ? Strausser
Died 1893.  He and Abigail are buried together at St. John=s United Church of Christ in Mable PA. 


Born August 1, 1854, Mable, PA
Spouse:  Mary E. Ramer
Father:  William Bender
Mother:  Abbie Wetzel

Owned a sawmill in Natalie or Hegens; owned a hotel (boarding house) in Mt. Carmel. He was also a stable boss at the mine in Natalie. A 1989 historical calendar from Mt. Carmel PA includes a 1912 photograph of the Washington Hotel. The photograph was the property of Lou and Jackie Visintainer. Henry Bender bought the property from Daniel McCauley and his wife Mary. On May 16, 1905, Henry and wife Mary sold he property to Joseph Dalasago. Mrs. Grace Herrmann (the Bender's oldest daughter) was the witness. Recorded in Northumberland Co Deed Book 137, p 453. Today the property known as Visintainers is owned by Albert and Louis. Albert believes his parents Luigi and Angeline Visintainer from Austria (S Tyrone) bought the property from the Benders. We cannot explain the Dalasago purchase unless he acted as agent.

Henry was a member of the Protestant Sons of America, POS of A. Died December 31, 1927 in Danville Hospital. Buried in Mt. Carmel PA Cemetery. When Henry died, Mary sold the home in Selinsgrove and the family moved to Philadelphia.

Mary and Henrys oldest daughter was Emma Grace (about 15 years older than her sister Anna). Grace married John Herrmann (1878 - 1915) and they had one son, John called Buzzy. Grace is buried next to her husband (in an unmarked grave) in Mt. Carmel PA Cemetery. The Herrmanns came from Germany. John Srs father boarded with the Benders in the hotel. He later brought the whole family over. They all had trades and were employed in construction. The two youngest children were Edna and Eddie. Buzzy was a traveling salesman for Scott Candy. He married a Spanish or Italian woman from Philadelphia. They had a daughter but were subsequently divorced and apparently he did not see the daughter again.

Mary Ramer Bender told hair-raising stories about the Molly Maguires who used to come into the boarding house. Other people traded Civil War memorabilia for their room and board. This memorabilia may have been donated to the University of Pennsylvania museum.

Buried together in Mt. Carmel PA cemetery.


Born:  March 24, 1895  
(1) Robert Linford Frye
(2) Fred M. Omlor (1894-1972) 
Father:  Henry Bender
Mother:  Mary E. Ramer  
Occupation:  Seamstress, shirt factory
Believed in pow-wow.  Died June 24, 1983.  Buried in Mt. Carmel cemetery next to Fred Omlor.  

Children: Emma Grace Frye (m) William Wilbert Lindsey Henry Linford Frye (m) Stella Marshalick Robert Howard Frye (m) (1) Anna and (2) Mary L. Omlor.

Denise Wells


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