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Would like have any information on John Valentine Carney/Kearney.

His birthdate would be in the 1800s. He was my great great grandfather.

We have been told that he changed the spelling of his name from Carney to Kearney when he moved from Ohio to Missouri. We have also been told that he was an orphan, and we have been unable to find out anything about his ancestry.

I can find out the date of his birth and his marriage to Susan Fix. She was of the Van Benthysen line.

My father is Edgar Dale Kearney, b.1921. His father, Fred Kearney b. 1895. d. 1971. Fred's father was Elonzo Kearney b. 1865. d.1918. He was married to Laura Ann Wilson in 1886 in Collins, Missouri.


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