The History of 8 Families

Richard Franklin Carney  02-21-1862  07-06-1935 Married Texanna Rawls 

01-06-1866  01-   06-1953  They had three children. Richard, Edgar

Franklin, and Nannie. 

Richard Carney Married Lillie and the had a son named Richard who married

Phyllis. I have no more information on this part of the family. 

Edgar Franklin Carney  12-07-1889  12-02-1946 married Helen Minor 

09-12-1891  07-12-1934 on 12-12-1914. They were my grandparents. They had 4

children: Helen Rebeca, Otey Rawls, Edgar Franklin Jr., Abner Tucker.

Edgar Franklin Carney Sr. ahd two more marriages. Fannie Hosier  12-25-1893

 09-02-1942. Elizabeth Sullivan whom I have lost track of and have no


Nannie Carney married a Mr. Cherry and they had two children. I do not

remember the boys name. The had a daughter named Dorothy.  She married

James Carr. They had a son James. I know where some of them are burried but

have not had the energies to get there yet.

Helen Rebeca Carney  09-14-1916  03-13-1992 married Eugene Claude Shelton

Jr.  02-23-1918  08-23-1978.  They had two children Virginia Cook and

Eugene Claude III  12-03-1938  04-15-1981.

Otey Rawls Carney  06-26-1918  09-05-1988 married James Morris Walker Jr.

08-15-1913  02-26-1988  on 03-04-1938. Thed had two sons, James Carney and

Gary Frank  07-02- 1942.

Edgar Franklin Carney Jr. married Monte Regan, now deceased. No children.

Abner Tucker Carney Married Magda Bogar. They have three children. Virginia
Ilona, Eric Tucker, and Andrew Bogar.

That get the info to my generation.  I assume that Richard Carney was born in this area
because I know that the Carneys were here longer. Ther was a Benjamin
Carney in the history here, but I have no good info there yet.

I will continue if this is the data that will help anyone,

James Walker

Michael McTiernan

N40 03' 09.4"
W75 24' 14.1"

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