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Here are my gleanings from my notes concerning McTiernans: [No last names means it is a McTiernan]

National Library of Ireland (NLI)

Index of the Land Commissioners Records (the call for any records to replace the lost wills and deeds in the 1922 fire were the primary records obtained); (and you must write the Commissioner for permission to look at the records in advance of appearing before the window in the National Archives Bldg, or for copies which at the time of my visit were not available)

CDB9950 Box 543: Deeds of Eleanor McT and family, saw one dated 1913 of Eleanor McT with Kate Fowler (stated Kate Mary Barrett Jones married Edward Willoughby Fowler on 11 Aug 1871).

EC617 Box 2132: Will of Hugh McT for Sweetwoods & Killavoggy dated 1810; Will of James McT of Lyonstown dated 1856; Will of Hugh McT of Mt.Allen dated 1832; Will of Francis McT of Mt.Allen dated 1833.

National Archives of Ireland (NAI)

Prerogative Will Book 1839 p. 157B, Chas. McT died 3 Jul 1839, late of Gorteenkerin, Co.Leitrim, gent., without child, grandchild, father or mother living, give unto Hugh McT of the same place, near Manorhamilton, his natural and lawful brother ....proved 10 Aug 1839.

Elphin Will Index: Catherine McT, 1855; Michael McTeernan, Kilros, 1833.

Ballinamore County Library, Local History Holdings, Old Courthouse.

Extraction Project of the Roscommon-Leitrim Gazette, Leitrim items, Feb 1822 to Feb 1832; date, page, column: Hugh of Maghermore, app for freehold status in Sweetwood, 16.5.1829 p.7, c.3

John of Sweetwood, app for Sweetwood, 11.12.1830 p.3 c.3-4
Edward of Sweetwood, app for Sweetwood, 19.2.1829 p.4 c.1
Hugh of Maughermore, app for Sweetwood, 20.6.1829 p.2 c.3
Hugh of Maheramore, app for Maheramore, 11.12.1830 p.3 c.3-4
Hugh of Gortacorke, app for Gortacorke, 11.12.1830 p.3 c.3-4
Hugh, freeholder, of Mt.Allen, app for Dromahaire Barony, 16.5.1829 p.4, c.1
Hugh of Mt.Allen, holds lease for Tullinacross, app by James and John
Gilhooly, 16.5.1829 p.6 c.3
Bryan of Sligotown, app for Gortacorke, 16.5.1829 p.4 c.1
Catherine, 2nd dau of Con, of Rockfield, married to Chas. Flynn of
Dublin, 18.2.1826 p.3 c.4
Charles of Lonagh, app for Lonagh, 16.5.1829 p.7 c.1
Charles of Lonagh, app for Lonagh, 16.5.1829 p.4 c.1
Charles, Jr. of Gortnakeerin, app for Gortnacorke, 16.5.1829 p.7 c.1
Charles, Jr. of Gortnacorke, app for Gortnacorke, 16.5.1829 p.4 c.2
Francis of Mt.Allen, Rosc., app for Dromahaire Barony, 16.5.1829 p.4 c.1

James of Lonagh, app for Lonagh, 16.5.1829 p.7 c.1
John of Barramore, on estate of Hugh L. Montgomery, app for Barramore,
20.6.1829 p.2 c.1
John of Lonagh, app for Lonagh, 16.5.1829 p.4 c.2
John of Lonagh, app for Lonagh, 16.5.1829 p.7 c.1
John of Lonagh, app for Lonagh, 20.6.1829 p.2 c.1
Martin of Lonagh, app for Lonagh, 16.5.1829 p.6 c.3
Martin of Lonagh, app for Lonagh, 19.9.1829 p.1 c.3
Patrick of Moneenatieve, app for Barrah, 16.5.1829 p.7 c.3
John of Ballinclia, app for Leitrim Barony, 11.6.1831 p.3 c.3-4
Michael, Leitrim Assizes Court, transported out for sheep stealing,
19.3.1825 p.3 c.3

Leitrim Advertiser Index, 1850-96
McT family of Killavoggy on Mrs. Armstrong's property, evicted to
Drumkeeran, then allowed to reenter as caretakers, 8.9.1881 p.3 c.4
Peter, on estate of T.L.Peyton, accused of fixing rent, 9.11.1893 p.3, c.6
James of Barragh near Drumkeeran, had auction of house, land, furniture
and cattle because of emigration to Australia, 22.2.1883 p.3 c.1
James of Corry, granted license for pub, 1896

Leitrim Advertiser, 1900-05
John [McTernan, my great uncle] of Sheskin, refused to pay maintenance cost, 23.5.1901 p.3 c.1

J. and P. of Killargue, attended M.L.Davitt's speech in Drumkeeran,
20.8.1904 p.4 c.1

Killarga Parish, Co. Leitrim, Census of Ireland, 1901

Michael McTiernan
N40 03' 09.4"
W75 24' 14.1"
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