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I just learned more about my Kearney ancestors in Ireland from another Kearney researcher on the internet (Mary K. Perry). Please add me to your Kearney page. Excerpt whatever you feel is relevant from the following:

The earliest known Kearney in my family tree is

Edmund Kearney who lived in 1506 in Ireland. I do not yet know exactly where in Ireland he lived or the dates and places of his birth and death. You could list for Year of Birth: circa 1506. He was father of

James Kearney (of Ireland; married Eleanor O'Brien), father of

Edmund Kearney (of Ireland; married Catherine Meade), father of

James Kearney (died 1641; of Ireland; married Julianna Galway), father of

Edmund Kearney (of Ireland; probably of County Cork; married twice: Eleanor Roche and Anistase Young, both of County Cork, Ireland), father of

Philip Kearney, Immigrant, Quaker merchant of Philadelphia (born in Ireland; died April 1720 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; married Rebecca Brittin in Bucks County, Pennsylvania), father of

Mary Kearney (born and died in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; married September 9, 1725 John Kinsey, 1693-1750, who later became Chief Justice of Pennsylvania and leader of the Quaker Party).


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