A 14 th Century Poem on McTiernan's and other Chiefs

The following is a poem written by Seaan Mor O Dubhagain
(John O'Dugan), historian and poet of O Kelly of Ui Maine in the 14 th
century. This section of the poem relates to the tribes and
chieftains of Breifne during the reign of Tigherman O Ruairc, Inghine Murchadh,

"Let us pass round Fodhla,
Let men go by order;
From the lands in which we are,
The provinces let us go round.
From the spirited Sil-Muiredhaigh,
Let us pass into the territory of Sean Ferghal,
To the host of Breifne of ripened sense,
It is time, through no slow passing.
Chief King of Breifne of lasting sway
Is O Ruairc, to whom the tributes of Connacht is due,
The sub-kings, of that region are not scarce
With their chiefs around them.
MacTighearnain of cloaks,
Support of the fair Gaoidhil,
The purchaser of the poets and their friend
Is over the vehement Teallach Dunchadha

and so on with other chiefs....

Michael McTiernan

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