cTiernan / cTernan Family Achievement

The Sheskin McTiernan family motto: "Ratis necque navale enavigat"

The Sheskin McTiernan Achievement

The Blazon of Arms: Argent, two Lions passant Gules, a Bordour flory of three Flurs de Lys in pairle & three Trefoils in pairle reversed Azure. Position: Lions in honour point and naval point, three Flurs de Lys in dexter chief, sinister chief and middle base, three trefoils in middle chief, dexter base and sinister base.

Coleshill Helm facing dexter. Mantling Gules doubled Argent.

Translation: Argent (silver or white or no lines) signifys Peace and Sincereity. Gules (color red or vertical lines) denotes Millitary Fortitude and Valor, the martyr's color. Azure (color blue or horizontal lines) represents Loyality and Truth. Or (color gold or black dots) denotes Generosity and Intellect. The lions denote Strength, Courage and Majesty. Trefoils represent the Shamrocks of Ireland. The Flur de Lys is emblematic of the Virgin Mary.

Crest: Upon a helm with a wreath Argent and Gules, a Griffin Segreant Sable resting the dexter hind leg on a Fleur de Lys Or and holding with the dexter foreclaw a Trefoil Azure.

Translation: The Griffin represents Valor, Bravery and Vigilancy. Sable is the color black, i.e. vertical and horizontal lines intersecting. The Griffin's eye is Or (color gold or black dots)

Seat: Sheskin townland, Catholic parish of Killargue, civil parish of Killarga, Barony of Drumahaire, Co Leitrim, West Bréifne, Connacht, Ireland: the roofless remains of the foundation and walls of the 3 room family castle located at N54.14' 28.1", W08.13' 45.4".

Clubs: The Irish Club, London, England; The Union League of Philadelphia; Liberty Yacht Club, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Turf: Radnor Hunt Club, Malvern, PA, USA (general admission)

Historical Burial site: The O'Rourke Franciscan Abbey of Creevelea, Killanummery civil parish, Barony of Drumahaire, Co Leitrim, West Bréifne, Connacht, Ireland, since 1721 located at N 54.1'52.7", W 08.18'37.3".

Traditional McTernan Arms

Arms, Ermine, two lions passant gules
Crest, A griffin statant gules, wings erect vert
Motto, Serviendo guberno, By Ruling I Serve
These Arms most likely belongs with either the McTernan family from Heapstown / Mt. Allan or the McTernans from Rockfield, Co Leitrim.
The McTiernans from Tarmon / Tullycorka, Drumahaire, Co Leitrim have this family motto: "Small things increase by virtue".

O'Rourke Arms from Drumahaire

Michael McTiernan
N40 03' 09.4"
W75 24' 14.1"


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