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Below are a listing of the McTiernan / McTernan graves found in the old cemetery behind the Chapel of Killargue very near the village of Killargue, Drumahaire, Killarga civil parish, Co Leitrim. Photos of the cemetery itself. more photos If you find an ancestor first go to the layout and print it out as point of reference.

These grave inscriptions are a courtesy of the Leitrim Genealogy Center, Ballinamore, Co Leitrim, Ireland.

No 1.
In memory of
McTernan Family
Lisgorman, Drumahaire, Cloonlogher civil parish.

No 30.
In Loving Memory of
Charles McTernan
Corratawy, Drumahaire, Killarga civil parish

No 54.
O Lord have mercy on the soul of James
McTernan of Shr....... who departed
this life the 1st of September 18... Aged
.... years. Requiescat in Peace
Erected by his affectionate wife
Margaret McTernan

No 69(a)
Loving Memory of
John Joe McTiernan
Larkfield, Drumahaire, Cloonlogher civil parish
Died 28 July 1965
His wife Winifred
Died 6 March 1944

No 70(a) [my 1st cousin 3 generations removed from Sheskin]
Erected AD 1900
By the Rev. Stephen McTernan style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0);"> P.P. M.R.I.A.
In loving remembrance
of the departed dead
His nearest and dearest friends
Here rest after life's labours
At the foot of this glorious
symbol of salvation
In the hope of a happy resurrection
Pray for their souls
Buried beneath this cross doth show
Friends, parents, brothers lying low
Requiescat in peace

No 70(c) [my 1st cousin 3 generations removed from Sheskin]
Here repose the mortal remains of
Bryan McTernan of Sheskin
who departed this life June AD 1845
Aged 58 years. Requiescat in peace
And of his wife Alice McTernan, nee O'Connor.
She died on Good Friday
30 March 1868, Aged 80 years.
Erected in memory of his dear parents
By their son the Rev. Stephen McTernan P.P. M.R.I.A.
whose sister Sibby McTernan, 1826--8-18-1852, who departed this life 18 August 1852, aged 26 years
and her brother John McTernan, 1828--5-2-1854, died 2 May 1854 aged 26 years.
Their remains lie buried here
May they rest in peace.
[Father Stephen is buried at the rear of the Church of the Annunciation Mullies
, off in the far corner away from the other graves.]

No 71
In Loving Memory of The McTernan Family, Gortermone,
Barony of Carrigallen, Carrigallen civil parish

No 110
In loving memory of
John McTernan of Gorteen, Drumahaire, Killarga civil parish, Killargue Catholic parish.
Died 12 November 1939
His wife Margaret, died 5 May 1960
His brother Pat, died 11 July 1958
erected by Paddy and Peggy McTernan

No 136--this is the grave stone that has a family crest on it.  it is off to the right after entering the gate of the cemetery.
Pray for the soul of Farrell McTernan, 1752--1818,
who departed this life 9 January 1818
Aged 66 years, also his wife Mary McTernan, nee Dolan, 1752--1798,  who
departed this life 7 August 1798, aged 46 years

No 137
In Loving Memory of
John Joe McTernan
Gortnacorkoge, Drumahaire, Killarga civil parish
died 16 September 1966

No 144
Erected by
John McTernan
In memory of his father
Jeffrey McTernan, died 11 March 1894 aged 83 years
also his brother
Patrick McTernan, died 10 May 1871, aged 16 years

No 146
In loving memory of
James McTernan, Curry, Drumahaire, Killarga civil parish
who died 18 April 1966
Also his parents
James and Margaret McTernan
Erected by his wife Nell

Michael McTiernan

N40 03' 09.4"
W75 24' 14.1"

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