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My Great grandmother was (first name uncertain - Honor or Honorah Carney) Anna Carney Born Nov. 15, 1876, Ire. Her parents as listed in the Church records were Ambrose (Andrew Carney) and Mary Fleming. She came to America, New York City with her sister Mary, about 1890. I don't know why they came to America. And the Immigration records for this time period no longer exist. Her sister married Martin Finnerty, I believe in Hoboken, NJ, they later moved to Brooklyn, NY.

Mary and Anna may have had brothers - Edward and Andrew. When I started this it was initially just for me and I'm afraid I didn't always document where I found things. But I think I learned that from scanning the Marriage Register in the Church. They would have listed the same parents.

My Great Grandmother Anna Carney married twice. First to John Coyne of County Meath, son of Roger Coyne and Mary Waldron. They were married April 12, 1898, in Our Lady of Grace, Hoboken, NJ. I haven't located John Coyne's death certificate as yet. But I believe he died about 1909. They had 6 children together.

July 11, 1911 she remarried, Christopher Dowdell of Dublin. They lived in Hoboken, N.J., she had a newspaper/candy store, Christopher and Anna had 3 children. From a mass card for a Christopher Dowdell I am assuming he died July 7, 1925. She died in Brooklyn March 24, 1948. She was a small woman of short stature with a good head for figures (#'s).

I would love to hear from anyone to share info.

Mary Keller


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