The History of 8 Families

The History of 8 Families

My wife and I have recently returned from a 10-day trip to Ireland and have developed a keen interest in finding out where my line springs from.

I don't have much to offer, as I have not been much interested in or involved with studying our family tree. But here goes..

My Parents:

Kenneth Bostwick Carney, San Diego, CA 1904-1954

Grace Carolyn Beal, San Francisco, CA 1909

Their Parents:

Commodor Robert Carney, USN, Bertha V. Bostwick

Faye Beal, Maggie L. Coyne

Note: My uncle, Admiral Robert B. Carney, USN, died in 1990 at age 95. He served a long career in the U.S. Navy (a family tradition which I broke by serving in the Army) before retiring in the mid-1950s as Chief of Naval Operations.

My mother, Carolyn Carney, who passed away in 1988, at age 79, claimed at various times that we had roots in Cork, Roscommon, or Sligo. These root locations have changed over the years and became accepted as being in Sligo about 20 years ago. Since both of my parents have Irish links, I'm not sure whether the above referenced locations are Carney or Beal/Coyne links.

During our visit to Ireland we visited Liscarney, which is little more than a road junction just south of Westport, County Mayo, and Carney, a small town about 5Km north of Sligo Town, County Sligo. Carney consists of not more than 10 central buildings and has no post office of its own. Liscarney, on the other hand, did have a post office, but nothing else that we could see.

Our visit to Ireland was an exhilirating one and has moved us to want to return in the near future and to more thoroughly investigate our Irish roots. My wife's maiden name is Lashley, so we guess her heritage to be English, but she has a truly Celtic heart.

I have book-marked your home page and will drop by from time to time for possible research references. I don't know if any of the above information is useful (it is admittedly sketchy), but maybe you'll find something interesting that I can pursue.


Michael Kenneth "Mike" Carney
An American Expatriate working
for Newmont Gold Company
in Zarafshan, Uzbekistan

Last updated Sept 18, 1997


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