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i have just begun working on my grandfather's family history. His name was John Frederick Carney he was born in [Kiltamagh] Kiltimaguh, County Mayo, Connaught, Ireland and came to America c 1911.

His parents were Anthony Carney, --<1916, and Bridget McHale. Anthony's first wife Maria Clark died after their son Thomas Anthony was born. Anthony Carney and Bridget McHale lived in Lisduff, Kiltmaugh until 1910 at which point they moved to Ardboley, Civil parish of Balla, Co. Mayo.

Anthony Carney, --<1916, and Maria Clark's children are:

  1. Martin Carney, 1876--,
  2. Mary Carney, 1878--,
  3. James Carney, 1879--, remained in Co Mayo, Ireland.
  4. Patrick Carney, 1881--, remained in Co Mayo, Ireland.
  5. Michael Crney, 1883--,
  6. Thomas Anthony Carney, 1884--, came to the America, aprox 1911.
  7. Anna Maria Carney, 1886--,
  8. Margaret Carney, 1889--,

Anthony Carney and Bridget Mchale's children are:

  1. John Fredrick Carney, 6-12-1892--, born in Kiltimagh, Co Mayo, Ireland. Livedin Coventry England before comming to the states in 1915.
  2. Richard Carney, 1894--, came to the America in aprox 1916.
  3. Mary Ellen Carney, 1896--, remained in Co Mayo, Ireland
  4. Margaret Carney, 1898--, came to America
  5. Anthony Carney, 1900--, who I believed owned a taproom in England.
Bridget Carney, nee Mchale was living in Ardboley, Balla, Co Mayo in 1911.

My Grandfather, Thomas Anthony Carney lived in Coventry England for a time before coming to the states. I am only guessing that Anthony's taproom was in Coventry.

new data as of Feb 2003

Decendents of Anthony Carney from ardboley, balla, county mayo Ireland

The children of Anthony Carney & Maria Clarke baptizm records in Parish of Killedan diocese of Achonry

  1. Martin Carney baptized - October 17, 1876
  2. Mary Carney baptized August 1, 1878
  3. James Carney baptized July 27,1879
  4. Patrick Carney Baptized March 13, 1881
  5. Michael Carney Baptized January 21,1883
  6. Anna Maria Baptized November 21, 1886
  7. Margaret Carney Baptized September 15,1889
  8. Thomas Anthony Carney Baptized December 21,1884 emmigrated to the United States from Coventry England in 1911. He came to the United states abord the vessel Compania) In 1911 he lived at 1818 lockhart Lane, Coventry per passenger manifest. married Maria Lavin(daughter of thomas and ann lavin) in chester pa. july 26 1916.
Maria Clark passes away between 1884 -1892

Anthony remarries Bridget McHale and moves to ardboley balla

children of Anthony & Bridget

  1. John Frederick Carney baptized June 12,1892 in 1911 he lived at 1818 lockhart lane, Coventry, England emmigrated to the united states aboard the vessel (St. Louis) from Coventry England October 14,1915
  2. Richard Carney Baptized Aug 23 1894 emmigrated to the united states from Ireland aboard the vessel (Merrion) May 8, 1914. When richard past away in July of 1973 his assests went to family still living in Ireland on the family farm
  3. Mary Ellen Carney Baptized September 18,1896
  4. Margaret Carney baptized October 6,1898 emmigrated to the united states via southhampton england September 25, 1919 she was still living in South Ardboly Prior to emmigration.She came aboard the vessel (Lapland) She died in 1933.
  5. Anthony Carney baptized Aug 26, 1900
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