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The name Bender is most likely derived from the German occupation of Cooper [barrel maker].

In the 1920's, Anne Fries, nee Blaies, 1879--1948, had visited cousins named Bender in O'Fallon, Ill. Most likely, they were descendants of Wendell Bender.  Anne was my grandmother.  Nicolaus Christian Bender, 3-15-1886--11-6-1965, the second of nine children of Christian Bender and Johanna Ruch born in IL.   He worked as a dairy farmer on Rt. 2, in Belleville, Illinois. His wife's name was Lenna Blinn, children are Fred and Ethel. He raised Jersey cows and Barred Plymouth Rock chickens on their 102 acre farm. In 1919, the farm was owned by A. Alexander. This Nicholas C. Bender was the son of Christian J. Bender and Johanna Ruch and the great uncle of Barbara Penn who in 1990 was living at 1145 Sycamore La., Mahwah, New Jersey, 07430.  Nicholaus is my 9th cousin, 1 generation removed.

This  Christian Bender, 7-15-1858--10-29-1932, the second of seven children of Rosalie Hammer and Christophe Bender born in St. Louis, Missouri and died in Smithton Twp., St. Clair Co, IL.  His father was Christoph Bernard Bender and his mother's name was Rosalia Hammer. Christian married Johanna Ruch whose father was John Ruch. The marriage record states that Chrisian was 25 and Johanna was 18 when they were married on March 19, 1884.  Christian is my 8th cousin 2 generations removed. Ethel Bender, the daughter of a Nicholas Bender and Lenna Blinn married a John Tomish on 9-10-1937, in Belleville. Tomish was from Servia, Europe.  Ethel is my 10th cousin

A Barbara Bender died in Belleville at 78, on 12-7-1918. She was born in 1840.

Missouri was first seen by a European explorer in 1541. In 1682, Robert La Salle took possession of Missouri as part of Louisiana and claimed it for France. In 1750, Sainte Geneviev was established as the first permanent settlement in Missouri. It is approximately ten miles from the town of Silver Lake, Missouri. Silver Lake is directly south of St. Clair Co., Illinois. Missouri became the twenty fourth state in the Union. It was a slave state during the Civil War.

Eventually some of my Bender family settled in St. Louis County between 8th and 9th St., and Russell Blvd. and Anne St. The Steffen family lived in this area also. George Steffen married Rose Blaies, 1897--<1973.  Rose was my 1st cousin 1 generation removed.

Helen Lorenz (Neary), nee Fries, 1914--1993, stayed in Louis with George and Rose Steffen, nee Blaies in the 1920's. This area is two blocks south of St. Peter and Paul's Catholic Church. It is only four blocks south of Soulard's Market, a center of the Bohemian Germans. The Lucash family from Freeburg, IL used to visit the Soulard Market area and St. John's Catholic Church.

The 1852 St. Louis Directory list a Bender and Ferry as grocers in Carondelet. The store was located between Miller and Woods St. A Charles Bender of Bender and Ferry resided on the south side of Park Ave. between Carondelet Ave. and 7th St.

The Jefferson County Missouri probate records have been searched and no probate record for Andreas Bender has been found.

There are many Bender's that have been buried in the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Arnold, Mo. They are:

1. Catherine Bender, buried 1-18-1865.

2. Cecillia Bender, nee Rollingheim, buried 12-1-1902.

3. Cecillia Bender, 11-24(21)-1841--3-4-1902, wife of number 5.

Numbers 2 and 3 may be the same person.

4. Eugene William Bender, buried 6-26-1900.

5. Eugene Bender, 6-22-1822--34-1914. Married to number 3.

6. Florentius Bender, buried 6-20-1865.

7. Fredrich Bender, buried 1-5-1904, infant son of Fredrick and Helen Bender, the brother to 8 & 9.

8. Fredrich Bender, 9-20-1900--1-2-1904, son of Fred and H. Bender, the brother to 7 and 9.

9. E. William Bender, 9-25-1898--6-24-1899, son of Fred and H. Bender, the brother to 7 and 8.

10. Elizabeth Bender, 5-30-1883--9-1-1954, wife of number 11.

11. Fred Bender, 7-12-1876--6-25-1953, husband of number 10.

The below Bender's are buried in St. John's Lutheran Cemetery and are most likely not related to our Bender family line.

12. Catherine Bender, nee Koach, 12-28-1882--4-2-1910.

13. Fredrick Casper Bender, --7-6-1887.

14. A Julius Bender ran a grocery store in Barnhart, MO in the 1930's and 1940's. Barnhart is just south of Arnold, Mo.

15. A William A. Smith and Elizabeth Bender were married in Jefferson Co. Missouri on 2-22-1857, by a Robert Hurst, Justice of the Peace.

16. Joseph Bender and Elizabeth Ernst were married on July 31, 1865, in Jefferson Co., Missouri by Father H. Brockhagan a Catholic Priest.

If the Bender family came through New York they would have entered at Castle Garden rather than Ellis Island. Ellis Island did not open until 1892.

St. Cacilia's Catholic is the only church in Mühlhausen in 1991. St. Nikolaus' Catholic Church is the only church in the village of Rettigheim. Both of these small churches have been combined into one parish sometime before 1991.

As of 1991, the below Bender`s are still living in the villages of Mühlhausen and Rettigheim. There are several more Bender's in Mühlhausen than are listed below.

  1. Adam Bender from Mühlhausen
  2. Andrea Bender from Mühlhausen
  3. Alfred Bender from Mühlhausen
  4. Werner Bender from Rettigheim
  5. Slegfried Bender from Rettigheim
  6. Paula Bender from Rettigheim
  7. Paul Bender from Rettigheim
  8. Aurella Bender from Rettigheim
  9. Andrea Bender from Rettigheim
  10. Bridget Bender from Rettigheim

Additional Bender names from the Mühlhausen area taken from the St. Cecillia parish book in Rettigheim.

  1. Bonaventura Bender and family emigrated to Cajenne in 1763.
  2. Franz Bender, wife and kids emigrated to Serbian [Hungry today] in 1790.
  3. Johann Georg Bender, 7-15-1751--, the fifth of ten children of Johann Georg Bonaventura Bender and Katharina Maria Anna Kapfer born in Rettigheim and died in Belgrade, Serbia. He was a shoemaker, with family emigrated to Serbien in 1790.
  4. Johann Adam Bender, shoemaker, with wife emigrated to Serbien in 1790.
  5. Johannes Bender emigrated to Molsheim / Elsaß in 1800.
  6. Johannes Bender emigrated to Eisingen by Wurzburg in 1802.
  7. Peter Bender emigrated to Koblenz in 1815.
  8. Ludowika Bender emigrated to Bayern (Bavaria) in 1843.
  9. Anton Bender, 5-7-1829--, the second of six children of Christina Neff but the first of five by Johann Bender born in Rettigheim. Anton was married in 1867 in Frankfort/Main, Germany, wife's name is unknown.
  10. Engelbert Bender, 3-6-1836--, the fifth of six children of Christina Neff but the fourth by Johann Bender born in Rettigheim. Engelbert Bender was married in 1868 in Frankfort/Main, Germany. His wife's surname is unknown.
  11. Ambros Bender, 1-19-1871--, emigrated to North America in 1888.
  12. Andreas Bender emigrated to North America in 1846.
  13. Elisabeth Bender emigrated to North America in 1872.
  14. Johann Bender, 8-6-1869-->1885, the first of seven children of Theresia Reiss and Ambros Bender born in Rettigheim, Baden Germany and in America after 1885.
  15. Nikolaus Bender, 6-17-1873--, the third of seven children of Theresia Reiss and Ambros Bender born in Rettigheim, Baden. Nikolaus was in America in 1888.
  16. Valentin Bender, 4-26-1877--3-8-1972, the fifth of seven children of Theresia Reiss and Ambros Bender born in Rettigheim, Baden Germany but died in MA-Rheinau, Germany. On 9-22-1910 in Rettigheim, Valentin Bender married Emma Schritz, who was born in Malsch, Baden, Germany. Valentin went likewise to America in 1891 but then returned to Germany.

The below Bender's are from the parish church plaque of St. Nickolas in Rettigheim to honor their passing on to a better world. The Great War photo and the World War II photo [both taken by Judy Linenfelser]. All but a very few of these Benders are related to us. The full list of over 250 Bender ancestors that were killed or wounded or just served in the many German wars is at this site: bwardead.htm

The 1850, 1870, 1880, and 1890 census records for Bender's or Muller's in the Rock Township, Jefferson Co., Missouri census is below, all work being done by Judy Linenfelser.

  1. Bender, Joseph  30    farmer    Baden and his wife Catharine 35 from Byre
  1. 1860 Jefferson Co., MO, Rock Twp, Kimm's Wick PO, 19 June  Wendel  25  Baden, ennumerated with the Jacob Siber family as laborer (Jacob was 51 born in Hessia)
  1.  Elisabeth            8    MO
  2.  Casper               8    MO
  3. Anna                  6    MO
  4. Nicholas             4    MO
  5. John                   2    MO
  1.     Christian            7    MO  son
  2. Freidrick            3    MO  son
  3. William              2    MO  son
  4. Mary            5/12 Feb  MO  daughter
  5. Freidrick           31    Baden Baden Baden  brother
  6. Burkard            65    Baden Baden Baden  father
  7. Karolina            18   MO Hessen MO  sister in law (md to Freidrick)
  8. Freidrick              2  MO Baden MO  nephew
  1. Daniel              20       MO HD Hanover  son
  2. Wilhelmina        18      MO HD Hanover  daughter
  3. Friedrich           16       MO    son
  4. Louisa              14       MO     Daughter
  5. Otto                  10       MO  son
  6. Ida                      8        MO  daughter
  7. Ludwig                ?        MO  son
  8. Margaretta            10/12  Aug.  MO HD Baden  daughter

Bender, Catharine        15    MO Baden Baden  stepdaughter
            Julius              10    MO Baden Baden  stepson
            George              6    MO Baden Baden  stepson
            Peter                22  Baden Baden Baden  brother in law.

Many of the descendants of our four families were married in St. Peter's Cathedral in Belleville


1. Locate the exact location of the Bender residence right after they arrived in Missouri.

2. Find current owner of Wendell Bender's cemetery plot at Zion Cemetery in St. Louis, Mo. This may lead to a descendent of the Bender family.  Wendelin Bender, 12-20-1834--3-22-1902, was the sixth child of Georg Franz Bender, 1801--1838, and Maria Elizabeth Herrmann, 1805--1870. Wendell emigrated to America c.1854. Wendelin married Elizabeth Wolff, 1838--3-28-1907, on 1-8-1867, in St. Louis County, Missouri. Elizabeth Wolff was born in Reibach, Germany.

3. Obtain a copy of the 1870 St. Clair Co. Morality Schedule for more information on Maria Elizabeth Bender, nee Herrmann, 1805--1870.

4. Look up the names, Sophia Ehstringer, Magdaline Schliekel, Wilhemina Pachht, Elizabeth Wolf, and Bauman Seiter, in St. Louis Public Library.
. Check 1850, 1870, 1880, and 1890 census records for list of Bender's or Herrmann's in the Rock Township, Jefferson Co., Missouri census.

6. Check Edward Prins, "Dutch and German Ship Passenger's List" for a Maria Bender, arrived 1849, p. 188.

7. Check records in Nokomis, Ill.

Besides our Blaies / Bender line there are five additional Bender families that come from the St. Clair Co., Illinois and the St. Louis, Mo. area.

The following are some of the individuals:

Arthur Bender, 1902--10-15-1920,

Emil Bender, 1888--6-25-1920,

Friedericka Hering, nee Bender, 1845--1-14-1921, husband's name was George Hering.

The people looking for information on other Bender families are located at this URL:

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