Hi, I'm new to this geneology thing so be patient.

My mother Flossie Poulos, whose maiden name was Ake, passed away 11/13/97. She was 89. She told us her great-grandmother's name was Bender. Year of birth was around 1810. Year of death around 1870. Place of birth was Germany with no other detail. The story was that "Grandma" Bender was a medical doctor. That's pretty unusual for that time. If true she must have trained in Germany.

Mom's family was generally from Southeastern Indiana…more specifically Lawrenceburg which is in Dearborn County on the Ohio River. The closest major metro is Cincinnati, Ohio. Mom's family eventually went north to Dayton, Ohio.

"Grandma" Bender's husband or son (I can't figure out which) was John Knipfer from Germany (c1824-1881). He married Mary Ross from Kentucky (c1830-1870). Their daughter, Christina Knipfer, was my grandmother (c1884-1918). She married my grandfather, Charles Ake (c1882-1941). His father, also Charles, immigrated from England and married a woman reported to be native American whose second husband was a Montooth.

Do you have any data that matches up with this?

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