The History of 8 Families

My wife, Diane Marie McTiernan, nee Rider's great grandparents are like mine, a mixture of Irish and German but not French. Diane's 8 families and my 8 families are our children's great great grandparents from Ireland, Germany and France, one hundred and fifty years, three to five generations away from their origins in Europe. Our kids would be 50 % Irish, 43 % German and 7 % French. Our children's direct line.

Diane Marie McTiernan, nee Rider's 8 Great Grandparents that settled in and around the Baltimore, MD USA area are:

August Conrad Rider (Reüter), 1869--, family is from Michaelstadt, Hesse, Germany. Home page of the Rider family

Mary Anne Rider, nee Simms, 1871--1970, family is from Ireland. Home page of the Simms family

James Joseph Brennan, 1862--1927, born in Ireland. 

Mary Elizabeth Brennan, nee Murphy, 1870--1900, born in Ireland. Home page of the Murphy family

John Baptist Köenig, 1871--1937, family is from Germany.

Mary Catherine Köenig, nee Power, 1884--1985, family is from Ireland.

John Joseph Nüedling, 1858--1935, family is from Larbach, Germany.

Philomena Herbst, 1856--1938, family is from Fülda, Germany.

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