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: I am inquirning about your Byrne connections as posted on the net. The Byrne family I am searching for were in the area of New Ross, Wexford, in the time period of 1870 onwards. Where they came from originally is not known at this point. The information I have so far is:

Tony Byrne	Born 1931	 	
Birthplace:  Manchester, England	
Father:  Fletcher
Mother:  Bridget Byrne

Bridget Byrne Born 1897 Birthplace: New Ross Father: John Byrne Mother: Margaret (Doyle) Byrne

Marriage of:JOHN BYRNE; Driver; Father: Charles Byrne & MARGARET DOYLE; Servant; Father: Patrick Doyle Marriage Date: 1893 Place of Marriage: New Ross

John Byrne: Born 1878 Birthplace: Irishtown.New Ross Father: Charles Byrne Mother: Johanna (Nolan) Byrne

- any information you have on the Byrne family would be greatly appreciated. I have just started this search for a friend in England (I'm from England, but ended up here in the USA). My friend, Tony Byrne, was raised in an orphanage, and is desperately trying to find not only his "identity" as far as who he is; but also any living family members.

I appreciate your time and efforts.

Best regards,

Jasmine O'Connor

Michael McTiernan


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