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Taken from the Annals of Connaught:

Tullyhunco is the well known McTernan Barony in Co Cavan, Ulster, Ireland

Tullyhunco or as it was called in the olden days Teallach Dhonnchadh was the site of the ancient O'Ruairc inauguration place, a round hill named Corhanagh [Cruachan] mic Tighernain or Corann Cruachan. This hill in Co. Cavan is less than a mile northwest of the town of Killeshandra in Killeshandra civil parish, PLU of Cavan. The Barony of Tullyhunco comprises three civil parishes: Kildallan in the NW, Killashandra in the center and Scabby in the SE. All the parishes border Co Leitrim. The root Gallic word of Tully means small hill.

The connection between the MagTigernains of the Barony of Tullyhunco, Co Cavan, Ulster and the McTernans of Sheskin, of the Barony of Drumahaire, Co Leitrim, Connaught or any of the McTernans in the DNA test has yet to be found.

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