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hello my name is Thomas J. Fries
we live in Erie, Pennsylvania 

i have been tracing my family tree for a
while now. 

i have a Johann Antonius Fries who was born on 4-21-1689 and
married Elisabeth Margaret. 

 Johann's father was also another Johann and we
don't have who he was married to.  according to the records we lived in
Friedwald, Germany.  we have some other names such as Breusing, Jaegar,
Weyland, and a few others... i'm not sure if we have a connection or not, but
it could be possible. 

the first Fries in our family that came to America was
Fritz or maybe a fredrick Fries... Meadville, PA in the 1800's he died in
1885...  i hope we have a connection

tom fries


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