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My grandparents were Patrick Kearney and Johanna Fitzgibbons from the townland of 
Ballymackeough, [ 1002 acres] Civil parish of Kilvellane, Barony of Owney & Arra, PLU of Nenagh, Diocese of Cashel, Probatte District of Limerick,  Co. Tipperary North.  The civil parish of Kilvellane is right on the border of Co Limerick.  Ballymackeough losely translated would be MacKeogh's town.

In 1984 Deila, Margaret and Joseph Kearney were still living in Tipperary. Patrick and Johanna emigrated to Syracuse, New York in the late 1800s, and had 3 children, James, Francis and Agnes, my father, uncle and aunt. They were very vague about when they emigrated, and my grandfather died before I was born, and grandmonther before I was four. I believe that Patrick and Johanna were cousins. I'm sorry that I have very little information, but they were very close with information and didn't want to pass on much. I never even knew that we had relatives in Ireland until a few years before 1984. If you have any information to share please contact me, thank you in advance. Margaret Kearney Melnik

I just wonder occasionally about family history and other relatives that we may have had. There was also another Patrick Kearney who emigrated to this area around the same time. From what I understand there was some sort of falling out and these two branches of the family never spoke to each other again. I've met some of them since my father's death, and they seem quite nice and they also don't know why the cousins didn't speak to each other.

Margaret Kearney Melnik
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