Amongst my Grandmother's papers was a Memorium Card for a Mary McTernan , Paget Square, Enniskillen who died on March 10th 1967. This card has a small photo of the deceased and I believe must have been sent to my Grandmother at the time of her death.

Now I have also tracked down the following information that was given to me by a distant relative Denis Hanrahan who produced the lineage of my Grandmother Sarah Emily Carleton born Enniskillen, 27/7/1886. His heritage is from my Grandmother's sister Mary Carleton who married a Richard Alford. Sarah Emily married my grandfather Edward Flynn of Drumshanbo, County Leitrim in Enniskillen on 21/1/1886.

Now for the McTernan connection. It is rather sparce but it may help with researching. The information is printed from the Descendant Report: Genius System.

James Carleton 		born 1820 died 12/2/1900
Married Mary Cox	 born 1822 died 1922

	Sarah Emily - born 27/7/1866 died Brisbane Australia 3/9/1944
	Patrick born Levally County, Fermanagh 1/8/1880
		married	Annie Fitzsimmons 4/2/1909
			Patrick,Rose, Francis, Cormac,Christopher,
			James and May.

	May 		born ???died 10/3/1967
			married ???McTernan  on ?/?/?
	Children 	Patrick McTernan born ?/?/?  and Cathal Carleton McTernan

I have pages of the descendants of James Carleton, including the dozens of Flynns, I was Ann Flynn before my marriage to Graham Rusher and am 9th of 12 children all living, my Father was one of 13. Just this week I have decided to make a trip to Ireland while my daughter Emma is still in London. My eldest sister Margaret and I will be heading off in early October, so I have been searching the net for air fares, hire cars etc etc etc. One of my places I must see is Glendalough ( a long story) but I would love to trace back some ancestry that lived there as being a spiritual being I have a very strong drawing to that region. With thoughts like this one can only be Irish.

I look forward to your reply.


Ann Rusher
Last updated July 1, 1998


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