The ownland of heskin

Townland of Sheskin in the Catholic parish of Killargue, civil parish of Killarga, Barony of Drumahaire, PLU of Manorhamilton, Co Leitrim, Connaught, Ireland is located at N 54 14' 26.8", W 08 13' 46.5". Hugh McTernan VIII and his niece Maureen Bower. The roofless remains of the family castle on the 25 acres of land is a 3 room rock and mud house.  Looking at the house in 2008 it appears that there were 3 separate rooms, the bigger one was the family kitchen with a firsplace and most likely where the parents slept.  The other two rooms are smaller, the one on the far end looks to small to hold humans and most likely was the night stable for horses or cows.  The room between the small stable and the family room could sleep four young men.  That room would have been warm in the cold winter night as it would be between the enclosed stable and the wall that held the stone firplace hearth in the family room.  Looking from the road at the house these 2 additional rooms would have been to the left.  Additionally a second house is to the rear and about 20 feet off to the left of the main house.  This is where Ellen McTiernan and her cousin James McTiernan resided.  Ellen was the sister of Bernard McTiernan the editor of the Sligo Champion. Until the 1890s, Sheskin housed two adults and four young men in their twenties.

The townland of Sheskin is 94 acres. The McTernan family originally owned 72 acres. Alice McTernan, nee O'Connor sold 25 acres in the mid 1850s to a Patrick Feeney. Hugh McTernan V is listed as the occupier of 47 acres in the 1856 evaluation.

Hugh McTernan VIII was born there in 1916 and lived there until about 1947. Sheskin in Gaelic means marsh or quagmire.

Another view of heskin

Michael McTiernan and Maureen Bower, nee Flynn

The gates of Sheskin

Michael McTiernan

N40 03' 09.4"
W75 24' 14.1"

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