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I was adopted in 1959 by an irish immigrant named Charles Joseph Byrne and his wife Marion Temple 
Holland   both from Baltimore Maryland at the time. 

What I know now as of 1991 is that I was taken from 
my real mother who was 29 at the time of my birth she was Italian and Irish her name was Anthonia. I would 
love to find out more about her as well. Anyway the true information I do have from the Children's Adoption 
Agency in Baltimore is that the family did not want me to be raised with them so that is why the adoption 
ocurred. Since then my biological mother has been hospitalized numerous times and has had shock 
treatments in order to get thru a day. I'm not sure just what brought on the need for all this except I did 
receive a letter stating all the problems she incurred were after I was born. They never told her about me but 
a person doesn't go thru 9 months of birth to a child and not realize something about their body is different. 
So back to the original information I was concerned about. 

My adoptive father had parents residing in 
Philadelphia, PA Charles was born 1923 he was the fourth of seven. 

Father's name Thomas A. Byrne 
mother Mary Veronica Byrne her maiden escapes me currently. They had best friends named the Cassidys. 
His father was a policeman.His mother apparently worked two jobs for awhile. The oldest daughter was 
Marie she died of TB at the age of 21.
The next oldest was a son named Thomas he died at the age of 48 from liver complications colon cancer and 
lung cancer. The next oldest was Margaret she died at the age of 48 also from lung cancer and never 
smoked. Charles the fourth child died at the age of 66 he was the first child to live past 50, He died of 
complications stemming from heart attacks, strokes, and stomach cancer. There also was a baby sister that 
died at the age of 2.

 The remaining two children are Nancy and Jimmy. Both still are 
alive and reside in Pennsylvania today.I think that this a little information to start with. 

More info 
email deborah byrne tuza at dtuza@home.com. Thanks

R A Byrne
Dennis Byrne


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