My name is Niena (nickname) Byrne. As told by my father, Francis Edward Byrne, our family tree begins with a King O'Brien. The O'Brien's split into 2 groups: O'Brien and O'Byrne. The O'Byrne then split into O'Byrne and Byrne. King Leister moved the Clan to Wicklow and Aarlow for political reasons, from what I understand, he had to. I also know of a 'Paddy O'Byrne, aka The Cardiff Giant: he was approx'y 7 ft tall, when all others were average of 4-5 ft. An alcoholic, he died an average of 35'ish. The Smithsonian approached him and asked to have his body placed in their care. He didn't want that, asked his drinking buddy to be sure to throw his coffin in the Thames and paid him. The Smithsonian, upon hearing that, also paid him. The friend, wishing to be an honest bloke, did the only thing he could: he did both. Thus, the official title of 'The Cardiff Giant'.

All I know of the Byrne's, beside that is that my grandfather, Raymond Martin Byrne m. Jeannette Rose Edwards (desc of Thomas Edwards and Mary Rose Dutton, whose parents were married by Abe Lincoln.

Raymonds parents were 'Sean' or 'Shawn Byrne' and Rose Kilpatrick. Where, when and anything else is a total mystery to me and I am stumped. Being new to this Genealogy thing, I am at a loss of what to do. I don't know who married when or where - I only have those names! and that my dad was born in Montana.

I would appreciate any info or help that anyone might give.

Very sincerely,

Niena Byrne

Last updated Nov 16, 1998


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