I just recieved information from the Holy Sepulchre Cemetery,in East Orange,NJ in reference to persons buried in a family plot. they are as follows.Charles P McTernan d7/20/1862 age 1yr,8 days.James Mc Tiernan d 3/2/1888 @ age 54 b Ireland. Margaret McTiernan b Ireland d 2/2/1897 @ age 80.They resided at 79 Crane St. Newark,NJ

I was hoping there would mention of a relationship with my father who is also buried in the same plot, However no such luck. There is also information onthe owner of the deed being John McTiernan . Undertakers listed, J.Mullin for Charles cause of death Cholera Infantum. W.Brady was undertaker for both James and Margaret cause of death listed as James as Blood Poisoning, Margaret Heart Failure

I will try getting more info from the hall of records in Newark N J.i will pass on any info. I recieve.

Regards David J. McTernan

Last updated Nov 4, 1998


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