The Fries family name is carried on by the descendents listed below
Descendent Father Residence
Jeffery Fries Irvin Fries St. Louis, MO
Timothy Fries Irvin Fries St. Louis, MO
Matthew Fries Robert Fries Belleville, IL
Thomas Fries Richard Fries White Bear Lake, MN
Matthew Fries Richard Fries White Bear Lake, MN
Darin Fries Norman Fries Belleville, IL
Gilbert Fries Elmo Fries Oceanside, CA
Paul Fries Jr. Paul Fries Sr. Belleville, IL

Paul Fries Jr. is the son of Paul Fries Sr. and Betty Appel, who is the son of Elmer H. Fries and Cecellia Kling. While the name Fries is the same, the connection to Burkhard Fries's, 1580--1640, family is through the maternal line of Cecillia Fries, nee Kling, 1900--1975, the daughter of Mary Kling, nee Fries, 1868--1906, the daughter of Konradius Fries, 1834--1897.

Accepting the above sibling relationships, all the individuals listed above are second cousins with the exception of Gilbert Fries who is a first cousin once removed to the rest.

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