This McTiernan line originated with James McTernan and his son Hugh McTernan, 1708--1784, whose family originates from the townland of Sweetwood, Co Leitrim. His brother James leased the Leonagh townland in Co Leitrim. Hugh's son, Hugh, 1760--1832, settled in  Mount Allen, Mountallen townland,  Kilronan parish, Barony of Boyle, CO Roscommon, [PO is Drumshanbo, CO Leitrim] which originally was owned by and a seat of power for a branch of the O'Conors of Connacht [Sligo?] who were of the same clan of O'Connors who were the past kings of all Ireland.  Photo of Mount Allen   At the time of his death in 1832, Hugh either owned or leased 2360 acres in three counties. See the chart below for all four family seats.

A number of marriage alliances of the late 18th and 19th centuries linked the McTernans of Leitrimn and the O'Connors of north Sligo, resulting in a patchwork of relationships that only came to light in an obituary in the "Sligo Champion" in February 1880 on the occasion of the death of Matilda, wife of Patrick O'Connor of Edenbawn who was the fifth daughter of Owen O'Connor of Castlegal and his wife Rosanna McTernan. According to the obituary Owen was the son of Charles O'Connor, Esq., of the Glen, a direct descendent of Rodger O'Con9or of Sligo, while Rosanna's father was the first cousin of both Charles O'Connor, 1804--1884, the great American jurist, who was the grandson of Charles O'Connor of Mount Allen, Co Roscommon.  The O'Connors owned Mountallen, Co Roscommon right before the McTernan family took it over.  This Charles O'Connor of Mountallen, Co Roscommon was a scion of the O'Connor's of Cllonalis and also a cousi n of James McTernan of Mount Allen  and Heapstown who was the father of Capt. Hugh McTernan.  Rosanne's mother was a sister of Con. McTernan of Rockfield and aunt of Surgeon-Major James McTernan, Inspector of Military Hospitals.

This web site has a very complex diagram of how the 2 McTernan families [Rockfield & Heapstown] relaate to each other and to the O'Connors of Sligo who are suppose to be part of the clan that was once the kings of all Ireland.

These are two McTernans in the Rockfield McTernan family of County Leitrim. Their family seat was the townland of Gortgarrigan, Co Leitrim.  The Rockfield McTernans in Co Leitrim and the Heapstown McTernan families in Co Sligo are related.  They are called kinsmen in several newspaper writings. No known male issue survives of the Rockfield line to do the DNA  test 

A pamphlet written in 1845 by James MacTernan, 1805--1855, of the Mount Allen MacTernans who settle at Heapstown, Catholic parish of Tawnagh, Kilmacallan civil parish, Barony of Tirerrill, PLU of Boyle, Co. Sligo entitled  "An Address to my Fellow Countrymen", in which he claimed descent from Tiernan O'Rourke, Prince of Breffni. [Found by John C. McTernan] 

It is written in Irish history, that the McTernans of Bréifne descend from either The O'Rourkes who were kings of Drumahaire, Co Leitrim or Tiernan, grandson of Turlough Mor O'Connor, past king of Ireland who lived in north Co Roscommon. The DNA test that we MacTighernans are taking might prove this or not, 1000 years later. Based on this DNA test it appears that we fall into 21 separate genetic groups. The 124 MacTighernans are from around the world, spread over 11 countries and 5 continents that would have originated from 21 different Clans or at least 21 different progenitors.

This family line via Rory MacTiernan's test is a perfect match to the genetic baseline of the T Group in the DNA test which is currently the largest group with 46 members. .

Heapstown townland is located in Kilmacallen parish, Tirerrill Barony, District Electoral Division of Lakeview, PLU of Sligo, Parliamentary Division of South Sligo, Co Sligo. Besides the main house of 14 rooms, the McTernan family owned three other houses that were rented out.

The four Family Seats for the family of Captain Hugh McTernan from Heapstown and Mount Allen
Name of Seat Townland Acres Civil Parish Catholic Parish Barony County



Killanummery Drumahaire
Cpt. Hugh photo
Mountallen 137 Kilronan Kilronan Boyle Roscommon [PO
Co Leitrim]
??? Lyonstown 191 Ardcarne Ardcarne Boyle Roscommon
Ballycarne \
Breffni Lodge \
Heapstown Commons
Heapstown 204 Kilmacallan Tawnagh Tirerrill Sligo

The townland of Lyonstown in Co Roscommon had a population of 16 in 1841, 28 in 1851, 8 in 1901 and 3 in 2001.  One ringfort is located in the townland shown on the 1838 map.  There is also a well called Toberbride.  A long avenue of trees leads from the Derreenanarry road to what once must have been an important residence, Lyonstown House, now disappeared.  The townland or Bridgecartron or both was called Cloonboyher in the "Book of Distribution".  The landlord in 1858 was James McTernan (Reps).  The McTernans lived in Heapstown but a member of the family may have lived in Lyonstown.  The Synge Census gives Tady Lyons, his wife and five children as living in Cloonbiher in 1749.  He had four servents and so may have been prominent enough to give his name to the townland.  In the 1830's a Robert Lyons lived there acording to the Tithe Applotment Survey.

The Abbey of Creevelea has two grave markers for this family from Mount Allen, they are:

"This Monument was erected in the memory of Charles McTernan, -1829, by his father, Hugh McTernan [Jr] of Mount Allen, July 1829."

"Pray for the soul of Hugh McTernan [Jr], Esq. of Mount Allen, born 1760, who departed this life June 9, 1832, aged 72. Also, his daughter Elenora and his five sons: Hugh -1832, Bryan -1832, Charles -1829, John -1832 and Francis -1832, all of whom died young."

An interesting note is that the mid 1800 legal records for births list both the Surname and the Standard names of the individuals. An example is the 1866 birth certificate for Maria Matilda [Marian Maud] McTernan list her surname as McTiernan but list Tiernan as the name under standard, without the Mc. Likewise, her mother has O'Loughnan as her surname and Loughnan as her standard name without the O'. It appears that Loughnan was the maiden name of Captain Hugh McTernan's mother as well as his wife's surname. Based on the will of Hugh's dad, his wife was of the same family as his mother and most likely Capt. Hugh's second cousin.

The son, James McTernan, 1805--1856, the 6th and only surviving son of Hugh and Catherine of Mt. Allen suceeded to the extensive family estates in four counties, Cavan, Leitrim, Roscommon and Sligo.  In 1836, he married Maria Anne Loughlan, daughter of Nicholas Loughlan, JP of Sion, Co Kilkenny by whome he had issue a son, Hugh and a daughter, Helena.  James was considered a gentleman of considerable wealth and high station and took great pride in his ancestry publishing in 1845 a phamplet entitled,  "An Address to my Fellow Countrymen" claiming descent from Tiernan O'Rorke, the last Prince of Breffni.

In his Ordnance Survey letters (Co Cavan) O'Donovan gives a pedigree of this family.  James McTernan was considered one of the landed gentry of the area.  In March 1846, Lord Leitrim of whom history does not think very highly of who lived at his castle near Lough Rynn in south Leitrim organized a petition for public funding of an ambitious project to link Lough Erne and the River Shannon.  James McTernan was one of the landed proprietors, magistrates and residents of Co Leitrim to sign the petition.

James McTernan, 1805--1856, of Heapstown also was one to like a horse race as per John C. McTernan's paper on races in Co Sligo. Go to this web site and do a search on McTernan.

James McTernan, 1805--1856, died in Kingstown, Barony of Rathdown, Monkstown civil parish, Co Dublin and was buried in Marlborough St. Chapel, Co Dublin. [This may now be St. Kevin's Chapel next to St. Mary's Pro Cath.] Note: James and all his generation were born in Mount Allen, Mountallen townland Kilronan parish, Barony of Boyle, Co Roscommon, [PO is Drumshanbo, Co Leitrim]. The parish of Kilronan has churches in these townlands, Churchacres,   Derreenavoggy, Glebe, Villages of Ballyfarnan and Keadew. James moved to Heapstown, Co Sligo from Mount Allen, Co Roscommon. James' mother, Catherine O'Connor [Dolan] was originally from Heapstown. James and his mother survived the 1832 Colora epidemic in Cos Leitrim and Sligo that killed the rest of the family. They both then moved to Heapstown and the family stayed in Heapstown for about 100 years more or less. James' son, Captain Hugh MacTernan, 1837--1911, was from Heapstown, Lyonstown and Mount Allen.  Below is a drawing of the Heapstown estate planned by James but built by Capt. Hugh.

James's daughter, Eleanor married a Patrick Henry. They had a daughter that lived on Mt Allen.

Based on past information from Alannah MacTiernan a descendent of this family line, Henry James MacTernan, 1876--1962, the son of Capt. Hugh Connell MacTernan, had a sister and a half brother. Henry's sister was Eleanor Mary Joan MacTernan. His half brother was the son of R.A. Fitzgerald and Mary Boland. Mary was from Australia. Henry  also joined the Imperial Yoemonry in 1900 and saw service in the Boer War in South Africa. Henry's son, Hugh Murrough MacTienan immigrated to Australia in the late 1930s. Additionally, John C. McTernan, the Sligo / Leitrim historical arthur, wrote that the Heapstown estate was sold in the 1930s and the Hugh Murrough McTernan family emigrated to Australia. Hugh Murrough McTernan married Dorothy Leahy and had five children. John goes on to state that he believes that the Sheskin McTernans and the Mt. Allen McTernans are related without saying how. Alannah MacTiernan's information also supports this connection between the two McTernans named Hugh, both born in 1708. Additionally, John once mentioned to me that he remembered reading historical legal documents that inferred that the Constantine McTernan family of Rockfield, Gortgarrigan, Cloonlogher parish, Co Leitrim are also related to the Leonagh, Sheskin and Mt. Allen McTernans.  The Rockfield McTernan line are related to the Heapstown McTernan via the maternal link through the O'Connor line and most likely the male McTernan line also.

The Rockfield McTernan line below as it appears to be. The family male line appears to have died out some time ago.  Their family seat was in the townland of Gortgarrigan, Barony of Drumahaire, Cloonlogher Civil Parish, Manorhamilton Poor Law Union, Co Leitrim

Here below may be the link between the McTernans of Rockfield, Co Leitrim and then the McTernans of Mt Allen, Co Roscommon and of Heapstown, Co Sligo both of which are the same family.

A number of marriages Alliances of the late 18th and 19th centuries linked the McTernans of Leitrimn and the O'Connors of north Sligo, resulting in a patchwork resulting in a patchwork of relationships that only came to light in an obituary in the "Sligo Champion" in February 1880 on the occasion of the death of Matilda, wife of Patrick O'Connor of Edenbawn who was the fifth daughter of Owen O'Connor of Castlegal and his wife Rosanna McTernan. According to the obituary Owen was the son of Charles O'Connor, Esq., of the Glen, a direct descendent of Rodger O'Conor of Sligo, while Rosanna's father was the first cousin of both Charles O'Connor, 1804--1884, the great American jurist, who was the grandson of Charles O'Connor of Mount Allen, Co Roscommon.  The O'Connors owned Mountallen, Co Roscommon right before the McTernan family took it over.  This Charles O'Connor of Mountallen, Co Roscommon was a scion of the O'Connor's of Cllonalis and also a cousin of James McTernan of Mount Allen  and Heapstown.  Rosanne's mother was a sister of Con. McTernan of Rockfield and aunt of Surgeon-Major James McTernan, Inspector of Military Hospitals.

Constantine McTernan, 1747--12-1830,  married Mary Brady and had 6 sons and 3 daughters

1. James McTernan, 1791--11-26-1873, the eldest son of Constantine McTernan and Mary Brady who lived in Paris for a year then qualified as a surgeon in the Royal Navy.  He was eventially made Deputy Inspector General of Fleets & Hospitals and died at his residence, Blackheath, [Kent] on the 26th November 1873, in the 83rd year of his age.  In 1813 [American War of 1812], in the Dragon, commanded by Sir Robert Barry during the American wars, he saw the various naval exploits in the Chesapeak Bay.

James McTernan was in the squadron which protected St. Helena during -the residence there of Napoleon, and was present on the island at the death of that distinguished, but unfortunate monarch in 1821.

On 7-19-1830, in Greenwich, St. Alphege, England, James McTernan married Harriett Hart, 1796--11-5-1879, who was born in Penzance, Cornwall, England and died in Hove, Sussex, England.   In 1841 they were living on Killegrew Street, Falmouth, Cornwall, England. 

They had one son who was named after his mother's father, Lehmynn Hart, 1768--1845, photo at left.  Taken from John Niblett's well done family page

1a. Cpt. Constantine Lehmyan Hotham McTernan, 1831--9-17-1864, born in NSW, Australia and died in  Grotes Place, Blackheath, Kent, England.  The middle  name of Hotham comes from his dad's first skipper when he was but 21 years old. On 12-13-1860, in Westminister, Middlesex, England, Constantine Lehmyan Hotham McTernan married Louisa Mary Parsons, 8-27-1839--, born in Marylebone, Middlesex.  Constantine Lehmyan Hotham McTernan was a Captain in the Royal Artillery and is buried in the family vault at Brockley Cemetery, Parish of Lewisham, County of Kent in England.  Constantine and Louisa had one daughter,

The Rockfield McTernan family vault in Brockley Cemetery

The Heapstown McTernan family about 40 years before leaving for Australia

Constance Margaret Allatt, nee McTernan, 3-1862--3-22-1951, born in Sandgate, Kent, England and died at 174 Sandgate Road Folkestone.  She married Lt Col Of HMS Land Forces-Pensioner, Henry Thomas Ward Allatt in 12-1888 in Surry who was born in Boulogne, Hauts-de-Selne, Ile-de-France, France. In 1911, they were living at Thumblands, Runfold Farnham, Surrey.  Constance Margaret McTernan and Colonel  Henry Thomas Ward Allatt had the following four children.

1a1.  Eileen Mary Weston, nee Allatt, 7-25-1889--6-1978, the first of four children of Constance Margaret McTernan and Colonel  Henry Thomas Ward Allatt born in Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales..  In 3-1945, in Marylebone, Middlesex, Eileen Mary Allatt married Charles Harvey Beckford Weston.

1a2.  Robert Edward Constantine Allatt, 9-1891--1-16-1902,  the second of four children of Constance Margaret McTernan and Colonel  Henry Thomas Ward Allatt born in Bodmin, Cornwall, England and died in Aldershot, Hampshire, England

1a3.  Lorna Lillie Faith Hinds, nee Allatt, 3-22-1904--2006, the third of four children of Constance Margaret McTernan and Colonel  Henry Thomas Ward Allatt born in Runfold, Farnham, Surrey, England.  Lorna lived at 148, Graham Road, WR14 2HY, Malvern, Worcestershire, England.  Lorna Lillie Faith Allatt married George Arthur Hinds and had three children. 

1a3.1.  Pamela C. Vilven, nee Hinds, a daughter, the first of three children of Lorna Lillie Faith Allatt and George Arthur Hinds.  In 1953, she married William W. Vilven, 1-17-1924--6-1992, born in Bath, Somerset, Eng and died in Bromyard, Herefordshire, Eng.

1a3.2.  Rosalie C. Bomford, nee Hinds, 12-1939--, the second of three children of Lorna Lillie Faith Allatt and George Arthur Hinds. In 1973, Rosalie C.  Hinds married Horace G. B. Bomford.

1a3.3.  Unknown Hinds, the third of three children of Lorna Lillie Faith Allatt and George Arthur Hinds

1a4.  Henry Buckle Grant Allatt, 10-13-1907--4-1983,  was the fourth of four children of Constance Margaret McTernan and Colonel  Henry Thomas Ward Allatt born in Runfold, Farnham, Surrey, England. 

2. Patrick McTernan, c. 1793--1834, the 2nd son of Constantine McTernan and Mary Brady who was appointed Assistant Surgeon in the Royal Navy on 10-8-1811.  He was appointed to the ship Eden in 1822 and was the Surgeon Superintendent on the convict ship Mariner in 1827 to New South Wales, the Manlius to Van Diemen's Land in 1828 and the Katherine Stewart Forbes in 1830 and the Dunvegan Castle in 1832 to New South Wales.  In all 737 prisoners arrived in Australia under his care and only four men were lost overall. He allowed whatever comforts he could devise for the men and he believed in allowing them on deck frequently. 

3. Michael McTernan, the 3rd son of Constantine McTernan and Mary Brady immigrated to Jamaica as a young man and returned home to Sligo in 1839 where he married Susan Kelly of Camphill, Collooney and had issue.

4. John McTernan, MD may have been the 4th or 5th son of Constantine McTernan and Mary Brady.  John was a staff surgeon with the Royal Navy between 1840 and 1864

5.  Unknown son

6. Lawrence McTernan, 1806--1862, the 6th son of Constantine McTernan and Mary Brady was a regionally well known solicitor with a practice in Market St, in Sligo town.  With his kinsman James McTernan of Heapstown House he attended a Repeal dinner in Sligo town in December 1847, and later was in court opposing James McTernan of Mount Allen. Lawrence died without issue and is buried in Sligo cemetery.

7. Maria Baines, nee McTernan, --2-18-1848, Maria Baines married Major General Baines and accompanied him to India.  Following his death at mid age and their only daughter Maria, returned to Sligo and eventually remarried Robert Armstrong living at Ballincar, Sligo

8. Beesy McTernan, -->1837, of Constantine McTernan and Mary Brady lived in Sligo.

9. Francis McTernan, of Constantine McTernan and Mary Brady

John C. McTernan, the former Chief Librarian of Co Sligo,  said his family is from the townland of Corratawy, Barony of Drumahaire, Killarga civil parish, Killargue Catholic parish, Co Leitrim which borders Sheskin directly on the south. With this said, the DNA test started in 2001 implies that John's family and my family have different genetic origins.

A graphical drawing of the layouts of the three counties, Leitrim, Sligo and Roscommon is at this site.

In the chart below I have inserted the earliest known ancestors for the Mount Allen and Heapstown line of the McTernan family. Alannah states that even while they lived in Heapstown it was Mt. Allen that was considered home for her family. None of us as yet appear to have a documented connection with the possible exception of Scott McTiernan from Australia, as his immigrant ancestor called his Australian home "Mount Allen". Hugh McTernan, 1708--1781, down below in the chart is the one that most likely built the Mount Allen house in the Mountallen townland, Co Roscommon [PO is Drumshanbo, Co Leitrim] in 1671.

According to the 1901 Irish census, the MacTiernan Heapstown House no longer standing is off to the right of this photo and back from where Leo McTiernan is walking. It had 14 rooms and was in the Lakeview district electoral division. The building in the photo is the barn which years ago also was the dwelling for the farm workers. Leo McTiernan of Boston is walking up the drive as his Great Grandfather might have done many years before in the 1880s.

The letters written to the Sligo Champion newspaper by both Capt. Hugh McTernan and his baliff Leo's Great Grandfather are at this web site.

The 1901 Irish census for Heapstown list Captain Hugh MacTernan's, 1837--1911, family and six servants, a coachman, parlor maid, nursery maid, governess, cook and game keeper. 

The following is from Alannah MacTiernan: Captain Hugh was born at Mount Allen in 1838. He studied law and was called to the Bar at Kings Inns in 1863. He held a captaincy in the Leitrim Militia and took a prominent part in public affairs, holding the office of High Sheriff, Deputy Lieutenant and Justice of the Peace in his native county. He was also J.P. for Cos Sligo and Roscommon. On the occasion of his transfer as Resident Magistrate from Enniskillen, where he was noted for "his independence and impartiality, much to the dislike of the local Orangemen", to Castlerea he carried with him "the good will and esteem of the right thinking people of the community. He also served as R.M. in Ennis for a time.

Captain Hugh took a fairly active part in politics. He was one of the platform party at a rally in support of D. M. O'Connor in the County of Sligo election of 1868. Thirty years later, following the passing of the Local Government Act of 1898, he became a member of the first Co Sligo Council but resigned his seat the following year owing to ill health. After a chequered and distinguished career in the service of his country he died in April 1911, aged 73 years, and was buried in the family plot in Creevelea Abbey.

Captain Hugh had four sons. The eldest, Hugh Connell McTernan, held the rank of Lieutenant in the Leitrim Rifles. He owned extensive property in Leitrim and Roscommon and was a J.P. and Grand Juror in both counties. Unmarried, he died in October 1925, aged 61, from the effects of sunstroke received some months earlier while fishing on Lough Arrow.

After Hugh Connell's death in 1925 his younger brother, James N. McTernan succeeded to the estates. He was born in 1873 and was educated at Portora and C'?ngowes Wood. He was a J.P. and Grand Juror of counties Leitrim, Sligo and Roscommon. He died unmarried in March, 1938 and his passing heralded the end of the Mount Allen and Heapstown estates. The lands were subsequently taken over by the Land Commission and divided among the former tenants. Heapstown House was demolished and apart from the remains of the gateway and an outline of the once sheltered avenue, hardly a trace now remains of what was once a stately home.

The late Henry James McTernan, the youngest of Captain Hugh's sons was a lawyer by profession. He enjoyed an extensive practice in Dublin, Sligo and Athenry. He died in Dublin in September 1962, aged 86 years. He was survived by his son, Hugh Murrough McTernan, who was born in 1911, [died 1980]. This descendent of the Mount Allen and Heapstown family emigrated to Australia where he married a lady of property. In the1940s there was an outbreak of TB in the area which might have been the reason for the family leaving. Hugh resided with his wife and family in Victoria.

The 4th son, James Walter died in 1863.

 Captain Hugh's family remained steadfastly Catholic even through the darkest days of the Penal Laws. During that period their land was held by the Earls of Lambert in trust. That trust was honoured when the laws were repealed. [end of Alannah's information]

Hugh McTernan, 1760--1832, reduced the rents on his land by 25%. James McTernan, 1805--1856, built the new residence in Lyonstown in 1853. Connell Francis McTernan, 1864-1887, was a medical student at the time of his death. Capt Hugh was a judge or JP in Listowel, Co Kerry. His daughter Marian Maud McTernan, 1866-1875, died in Listowel, Barony of Iraghticonnor, Listowel parish, Co Derry while the family was living in Ballyfarnon[?].

The rules of the road to read the chart below:

YOB or YOD happened before e.g. - < 1800 or after - > 1720
? in bold = not sure of link and unproven.
unm = died unmarried
no surname listed under individual = McTernan / McTiernan / MacTiernan

      Hugh McTernan [Sr] = ?  & brother James McTernan                Hugh McTernan I = ?
1708--3-1784 | Leonaghs <-same?-> 1708--3-17-1783 |
Mount Allen | Sheskin
& Sweetwood | |
& Maghermore | |
| |
| |
| 1780 |
Hugh McTernan [Jr] = Catherine my line
1760-6-9-1832 | O'Dolan
Mount Allen | --1857
Mountallen | Heapstown,
Kilronan | Co Sligo
Co Roscommon |
| | | | | | |
| Maternal Line | | | | | |
| | | | | | |
| Nicholas Eleanor | | | | | |
| Loughnan = Strange | | | | | |
| 1792-c1818 | | | | | | |
| | | | | | | |
| 1836 | | | | | | |
James = Marian Hugh Charles Bryan = Jane John = Mary Francis Elenora Anne Kelly
1805- | Loughnan -1832 -7-1829 -1832 | Mcdermott -1832 | Cooney -1832 <-1832 |
7-5-1856 | 1818-7-29-1839 | | -1872 |
Mt Allen | Clorinka, | ------------------- |
died | Co Kilkenny | | | |
Dun Laoire | Hugh James Charles |
| 1846- 1848- |
Heapstown |
Co Sligo |
| |
------------------------------------------------------------------------------ |
| | | |
| | | |
| Maternal Line | | |
| | | |
| John Brenan | | |
| | | | |
| Connell Frances Maria | | ------------
| Loughnan = Brenan | | | |
| | Boodenstown House | | | |
| | Co Tipperary | | | |
| 7-14-1858 | | 2-19-1854 | | |
Cpt Hugh Connell = Eleanor Mary Loughnan Eleanor = Patrick Anastasia John Mary
MacTiernan | 6-14-1836-1915 (Helena) | Henry 7-4-1839- McTernan McTernan
7-13-1837-4-7-1911 | Crowhill, Co Kilkenny (Ellen) | died young
Mount Allen & | 5-22-1836- |
Heapstown | (1831) |
| |
/ |
/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
/ | | | | | | | | | |
/ | | | 5-25-1893 | | | | | 6-1915 | |
/ James | Catherine = James | Bridget | Patrick John = Anne | Helena
| Henry Mary Henry Clancey Anne Henry Helena Henry Henry | Jane Mary Henry
| 1855- Henry 1857- Henry 1863- Henry 1868- 1876- | Rynn Henry (Ellen)
| 1856- 1860- 1865- 1946 | 1886- 1871- 1873-
| | 1980
| |
| only 4 of the above were alive in 1911 |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| ---------------------------------
| | |
| Mary Kate = Brian McManus Lena = Paul Armstrong
| |
| Ann = Peter McLoughlin
| |
| Aine
1 4 9 2 5 8 7 3 6
| | | | | 6-18-1907 | 10-19-1898 | | | 6-1887
Hugh | | James Henry = Mary Eleanor = Stephen Cecillia = Percy Connell Frances = Brig Gen,
Connell | | Walter James | Boland Emily | Woulfe- Maria | McDermot Francis Mary | Sir Robert
1859- | | 1861- 1876- | Mafrico, Gertrude | Flanagan Matilda | Rockmount 10-11-1864- 1869- | Whyte
1925 | | 1863 1962 | Gyppsland, -1940 | 1854-1940 1866- | Co Rosc. 1887 | Melville
unm / | unm | Victoria, AUS | Lecarrow | Riverstown Dst, | Jackson
/ | |[widow of | Aghangh, ? Co Sligo |-2-25-1928
/ Marian |RA Fitzgerald] | Co Sligo /CB CMG KCMG
James Maud | | | [Ratharmon / Enniskillen
Nicolas 3-9-1866-1875 | | | & Drumdoe] /
Francis Riverstown Dst, | [son] | /
1873- Co Sligo | | /
3-26-1936 POB Listowel | | /
| | ---------------------------------
------------------- | | | | |
| | | Homes | Lilly Margaret
Eleanor | | Jackson / Jackson Frances E.
Mary | | 1892- / 1894- Jackson = McDermott
Joan | | / |
| | | /
AUS c 1941 | | /
| | Cecilia = ? McDermott |-Felicity
Hugh Murrough MacTiernan = Dorothy | Maud | McDermott
1911-1980 | Leahy | Jackson |
d. Heidelberg, Victoria, | ->1980 | |-daughter
AUS | | |-son
| | |-son
------------------------------------------ |
| | | | | | \ [McDermotts are from Lillycombe, Porlock, Somerset]
Rory Gabrille Alannah = Schapper Anthea Diane \
1946 1948 \ 1953 \ 1955 1960 \
| \____ \______ \
  \ \ \ \ Gabrille married Schienkowski
-------------- ------------ ------------------ \
| | | | | | | | \
Ben = Kate | Anna Alex- Georgia Antoinette Jake \
Rajneet | andra | \
Kaur Rey Atlas \
1 7 2 4 5 6 3
Stephen = Margaret | Henry = Dorothea Edward = Ebba Hubert = Honoria | Frances
Woulfe- Withington | Woulfe- Eyre Woulfe- | Joan Woulfe- | Sweetman | Woulfe-
Flanagan, | Flanagan Flanagan| Fitzgerald- Flanagan | | Flanagan
OBE | 1903- 1906- | Lombard 1908- | |
1900- | | | |
1942 Winifred = James | | Mary
Woulfe- Fitzgerald- | | Woulfe-
Flanagan Lombard / Ann Flanagan
/ Gertrude
/ Woulfe-
/ Flanagan
/ 1949-
| | | | |
John Terence Stephen = Lynn Helen = Duane Martindale Peter = Pauline Banham
| | |
| | |
/ / |
/ / |
------------ --------------------- --------------------------------------
| | | | | | | | |
Amy John David Sean Stephen Paul Martin Lawrence Louise Phillip
Martindale Martindale

Hugh Murrough McTernan, 1911--1980, attended Clongowes Wood, a Jesuet school of some note that had been attended by the famous
Irish Rebel deported to Australia and then became a famous Army General in the Union Army during the US Civil War,
Brigadier General Thomas Francis Meagher

Scott's, Margaret Donohoe's, Richard's & David's
/ Australian line The Ta DNA Group of MacTighernans
/ so no relation to the above Heapstown line who are in the T Group
| |
Unknown McTiernan = Catherine Unknown John McTernan = Unknown
| c 1782- /
Bridget McTiernan = John Dolan /
| | | | | | |
AUS 1841 | | | | | |
| | | | | | |
Hugh McTernan = Mary Glennan Michael = Catherine Conn = Catherine Bryan Patrick | Molly
1812-1880 | 1823-1904 ->1869 | ->1869 ->1869 |
| | |
| | Nancy
| |
| ----------------------------------------
| | | | | |
| John = ? | James = ? McGaurin Mary = Patrick
| NYC | Gilmartin
| | Stranagarvanagh
| Conn = Rose Neal Ballinegleragh
| Gub Glan Mully?
| Doura
| Co Cavan
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |
Jane | Ellen | William | Conn | Barnard | Kate | Mary | Mary |
1844- | 1847- | 1853- | 1855- | 1861- | 1864- | 1841- | 1858- |
| | | | | | | |
Patrick James Maggie Mike Edward John John Thomas = Mary Kelly
1850- 1849- 1856- 1852- 1859- 1842- 1868- 1845- |
| |
| |
Harold John = Sarah
| 1874- | Blevitt
| /
| /
| /
| /
Bernard Selwyn = Lallah
| 1906- | Sheridan
| |
| ------
| /
| /
David Leo = Gloria Farr
1934- |

Scott McTiernan, his cousins David, Richard and Margaret Donoghoe, nee McTiernan of Australia descend from one of the McTernans in the previous chart above. Much of the recent information comes from Margaret Donoghoe, nee McTiernan who lives in Australia.

Frances McTernan, dau. of Captain Hugh MacTernan married Sir Robert Whyte Melville Jackson, a Captain and later Brig. Gen, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. He became CB CMG KCMG, Chief Ordinance Officer, Cape Colony, and Director of Ordinance for the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force from 1915. He died 25th Feb 1928. They had issue of one son and two daughters, one of whom was: Cecilia Maud Jackson who married ? McDermott. Info supplied by Turner Bluechel who is part of the Loughnan line. Loughnan is the spelling used in the 1856 Will of James McTernan.

Stephen Wolfe Flanagan, 1854--1940, of the townland of Lecarrow [382 acres], Barony of Tirerrill, civil parish of Aghaugh, PLU of Boyle, Co Roscommon married Eleanor Mary Gertrude McTernan, on 10-18-1898 and had issue. See Flannigans of Rothfudagh in Burke's Landed Gentry 1904. See also the Flanagan family line at the end of this paper.

The Family Seats for the Flanagan / Woulfe-Flanagan family
Individual Name of Seat Townland
Civil Parish Catholic Parish Barony County
John Flanagan
Old Castle
--- --- --- --- Roscommon
Terrance Flanagan
--- St Catherine's Park
Kilglass /
Ballintober North
Stephen Woulfe- Flanagan
Co Dublin
Kilgobbin / Killiney
/ Kilfree
Baslick /
Boyle /
Kilgobbin / Killiney
Stephen Woulfe-Flanagan
Ratharmon? Lecarrow Aghaugh Aghaugh Tirerrill Roscommon

Eleanor Emily Gertrude McTernan, c 1870--1940, youngest daughter of Captain Hugh McTernan of Heapstown, Kilmacallen, Co Sligo married Stephen Woulfe-Flanagan, 1854--1940 of Lecarrow, Roscommon in the table above.

In the text below is the known McTernan family from Mt. Allen and Heapstown. In Burke's Landed Gentry of 1904 it also listed Lyonstown, Barony of Boyle, civil parish of Ardcarne, PLU of Boyle, Co Roscommon as their third family Seat.

James McTernan, 1805--1856, is buried in the Marlborough St. Chapel, Kingstown, Co Dublin. The chapel is now known as the Pro Catherdral. There are over 900 burials in the crypt at the Pro Catherdral with the kript extending far under the street to below the government building across the street.

Descendants of Hugh MacTiernan [Sr]-8679  17 Nov 2001

1. Hugh MacTiernan [Sr]-8679 (b.1708;d.Mar 1781)
2. Hugh McTiernan [Jr]-2920 (b.1760-Mountallen,Kilronan,Co Roscommon,Ire;d.9 Jun 1832)
sp: Catherine O'Dolan-2919 (b.Abt 1760-Heapstown,Co Sligo,Ire;m.1780;d.1857)
3. Hugh McTiernan-6938 (d.1832)
3. Charles McTiernan-6939 (d.Jul 1829)
3. Bryan McTiernan-6940 (d.1832)
sp: Jane McDermott-2967
4. Hugh McTernan-4350
3. John McTiernan-6941 (d.1832)
sp: Mary Cooney-4349 (d.17 Jul 1872-Mountallen,Arigna,Co Roscommon,Ire)
4. James McTernan-4348 (b.7 Jul 1846-,,Ire)
4. Charles McTernan-2966 (b.17 Jan 1848-,,Ire)
3. Francis McTernan-6942 (d.1832)
3. Elenora McTernan-8504 (d.Bef 1832-,,Ire)
3. James McTernan-6936 (b.1805-Mountallen,Kilronan,Co Roscommon,Ire;d.5 Jul 1856-[Dun Laoire] Kingstown,CD,Ire)
sp: Mariann Loughnan-6937 (b.1818-Clorinka,,Co Kilkenny,Ire;d.29 Jul 1839)
4. Eleanor [Helena] McTernan-6945 (b.22 May 1836)
sp: Patrick Henry-8505 (m.19 Jan 1854)
5. James Henry-8506 (b.1855-,,,Ire)
5. Mary Henry-8507 (b.1856-,,,Ire;d.Bef 1871)
5. Catherine Henry-8508 (b.1857-,,Ire)
5. Anne Henry-8509 (b.1860-,,,Ire)
5. Bridget Henry-8510 (b.1863-,,Ire)
5. Helena Henry-8511 (b.1865-,,Ire;d.Bef 1873)
5. Patrick Henry-8512 (b.1868-,,,Ire)
5. Mary Henry-8513 (b.1871-,,Ire)
5. Helena Henry-8514 (b.1873-,,,Ire)
5. John Henry-4548 (b.1876-,,Ire;d.31 Mar 1946-,,Ire)
sp: Anne Jane Rynn-4814 (b.1886-,,Ire;m.Jun 1915;d.17 Jul 1980-,,,Ire)
6. Mary Kate Henry-8534
sp: Brian McManus-30056
7. Ann McManus-30057
sp: Peter McLoughlin-30058
8. Aine McLoughlin-30059
6. Lena Henry-30060
sp: Paul Armstrong-30061
4. Captain Hugh Connell McTiernan -6944 (b.13 Jul 1837-Mountallen,Kilronan,Co Roscommon,Ire;d.7 Apr 1911)
sp: Eleanor Mary Loughnan-6950 (b.14 Jun 1836-Crohill,Fassadinin,Muckalee,Co Kilkenny,Ire;m.14 Jun 1858)
5. Hugh Connell McTernan-6951 (b.29 May 1859-Heapstown,Kilmacallen,Co Sligo,Ire;d.1925) Attended Clongowes Wood College
5. James Walter McTernan-6952 (b.24 Feb 1861-Heapstown,Kilmacallen,Co Sligo,Ire;d.1863)
5. Connell Francis McTernan-6954 (b.11 Oct 1864-Heapstown,Riverstown Dst.,Kilmacallen,Co Sligo,Ire;d.1887)
5. Cecillia Maria Matilda McTernan-6955 (b.1866-Heapstown,Kilmacallen,Co Sligo,Ire)
sp: Percy McDermot-6964 (b.Abt 1860-Rockmount,,Co Roscommon,Ire)
6. Unknown McDermot-2965
5. Marian Maud McTernan-7374 (b.9 Mar 1866-1875,Listowel,Riverstown Dst,Co Sligo, Ire)
5. Frances Mary McTernan-6956 (b.1869-Heapstown,Kilmacallen,Co Sligo,Ire)
sp: Robert Whyte Melville Jackson Sir-6957 (m.Jun 1887;d.25 Feb 1928)
6. Homes Jackson-6958 (b.1892)
6. Lilly Jackson-6959 (b.1894)
6. Cecilla Maud Jackson-7105
sp: Unknown McDermott-7106
6. Margaret Frances Elinor Jackson-8491
sp: E. McDermott-8492
7. Unknown McDermott-8493
7. Unknown McDermott-8494
7. Unknown McDermott-8495
7. Felicity McDermott-8496
5. Eleanor Emily Gertrude McTernan-6965 (b.Aft 1870-Heapstown,Kilmacallen,Co Sligo,Ire;d.27 Feb 1940)
sp: Stephen Woulfe-Flanagan-6966 (b.14 Feb 1854-L,R,Boyle,Co Roscommon,Ire;m.19 Oct 1898;d.28 Jan 1940)
6. Stephen Hugo James Woulfe-Flanagan Obe-7346 (b.9 Feb 1900;d.19 Dec 1942-,,Burma)
sp: Margaret Withington-7394 (m.2 Jun 1924)
6. Henry Richard Joseph Woulfe-Flanagan-7392 (b.24 Mar 1903)
sp: Dorothea Eyre-7395 (m.25 Jan 1933)
6. Frances Mary Woulfe-Flanagan-7400
6. Edward John Woulfe-Flanagan Capt.-7393 (b.3 Nov 1906)
sp: Ebba Joan Fitzgerald-Lombard-7396 (m.5 Apr 1937)
6. Hubert Edward Woulfe-Flanagan-7397 (b.3 Oct 1908)
sp: Honoria Sweetman-7398 (m.23 Jun 1943)
7. Ann Gertrude Woulfe-Flanagan-7399 (b.11 May 1949)
6. Mary Winifred Woulfe-Flanagan-7401
6. Winifred Helen Mary Woulfe-Flanagan-7402
sp: James Cotter Fitzgerald-Lombard-7403 (m.31 Dec 1935)
5. James Nicholas F. McTernan-7406 (b.Nov 1874-,,Co Leitrim,Ire;d.1938) Attended Clongowes Wood College
5. Henry James McTernan-6953 (b.1876-Heapstown,Kilmacallen,Co Sligo,Ire;d.1962)
sp: Mary Boland-6960 (b.Abt 1880-Mafrico,Gypsland,Nsw,Aus;m.18 Jun 1907)
6. Eleanore Mary Joan MacTiernan-6961
6. Hugh Murrough MacTiernan-6963 (b.1911;d.1980-Heidelberg,Victoria,AUS) Attended Clongowes Wood College
sp: Dorothy Leahy-6962 (m.1945)
7. Rory MacTiernan-8536 (b.1946-,,Victoria,AUS)
sp: Unknown -8674
8. Ben MacTiernan-8675
7. Gabrielle MacTiernan-8537 (b.1949-,,Victoria,AUS)
7. Alannah MacTiernan-4546 (b.1953-,,Victoria,AUS)
sp. Dereck Schapper
8. Antoinette Schapper
9. Atlas Schapper
7. Anthea MacTiernan-4547 (b.1955-,,Victoria,AUS)
7. Diane MacTiernan-8578 (b.1960-,,Victoria,AUS)
4. Anastasia McTernan-6946 (b.4 Jul 1839;d.Abt 1839)
sp: Anne Kelly-6949
4. John McTernan-6947
4. Mary McTernan-6948

Ann Rynn? has checked the activity on the Griffith's Valuation sheets with the results below for the family of Henry.

In Aghafin there were 2 Henry families and 1 McTernan. Aghafin has 561 acres,in Co Roscommon, Barony of Boyle, civil parish of Kilronan, PLU of Boyle.

1, a--------Thomas Henry

15, a------James McTernan

17, a------Patrick Henry

Around 1874 ..Thomas changed to Catherine Henry on 1,a

Around 1870-1871....James McTernan changed to Patrick Henry on 15,a

Around 1886-1890......Catherine changed to Patrick on 1,a

Around 1902,1907,1913,1921......items 15, a and item 17, a ......changed first to Ellen then to John Henry

around 1924...item 1, a ...changed from Patrick to Mary Henry

On March 25, 1893 Catherine Henry, daughter of Patrick Henry married James Clancey, son of Martin Clancey. On the last activity I have on the Griffiths the Clancey items were changed to John Henry.

The notes below were done by Frank Tivnan on the Heapstown / Mountallen McTernans. Frank is helping Rev Father Henry Tonra, PP who is writing a history of the Ardcarne parish in north Co Roscommon. My notes not Frank's are in brackets [ ]

The Heapstown / Mountallen McTernans owned 532 acres in this [Ardcarne] parish, the whole of 3 different townlands, Derreenacoosan, Derreenadooey and Cornamucklagh.

James Nicolas Francis McTernan died March 26, 1936 or 1938.

Madam, The McDermot's mother was Margaret Frances Mary McTernan, [the granddaughter of Capt Hugh McTernan]

Margaret Frances was a daughter of Lady Jackson who was formerly Frances Mary McTernan of Heapstown House. [ the daughter of Capt. Hugh McTernan]

Hugh McTernan [ I believe this should be James, the only surviving son ] came from Mount Allen. He was the only survivor of his family as the rest died of TB in 1832. Hugh moved to Heapstown, [Co Sligo] from Mount Allen, [Co Roscommon] where he married Catherine Dolan (approx. 1798) [While Hugh did marry Catherine Dolan it was most likely his son, James that moved to Heapstown]. This McTernan family is buried in Creevelea Franciscan Abbey, Drumahaire, [except for James who is buried in the Marlborough St. Chapel, Co Dublin [Pro Cathedral] -- Dublin is different than Co Dublin-]

Lady Jackson's [Frances Mary McTernan] husband was a Protestant from Enniskillen. His name was Brig. Gen Sir Robert Melville Jackson. He was a lawyer, etc.

Margaret Frances Elinor Jackson married E. McDermot (a lawyer). They lived in Lillycombe, Porlock, Somerset [England]. Felicity McDermot is the youngest of her family (2 boys, 2 girls)

James McTernan, [Capt Hugh's father] the last of them, trained the choir and played the organ in Ballyrush Church.

James McTernan's [Capt Hugh's father] funeral (P.P. and Bishop)

Lady Jackson's [Frances Mary McTernan] father was Captain Hugh MacTernan who died in 1911. The last of the MacTernans, Hugh Murrough MacTiernan emigrated to Australia in the early 1940s where the family lives today.

James McTernan trained Tessie Nangle and used to take her to the big house for lessons in singing.

An auction took place in McTernan's house at Heapstown from Lord Dundas in 1941. Declan Lavin's father bought a book and a gun at the auction.

The McTernans bought the land in Heapstown from Lord Dundas in 1809 approx.

The McTernans were in Heapstown for just a hundred years, more or less.

Captain [Hugh] McTernan had Red Setter dogs (he bred them) and the Buckshot breed of horse. [I have not been to the track in a while so I do not know of this breed but.  Hugh's father, James McTernan is credited with inventing the breed known as the Buckshot Chestnut.]

He [Capt McTernan?] was a great swimmer and once recovered the body of a drowned man from Lough Arrow

John Killoran of Ballfarnon and Ned Tighe bought McTernan's and later demolished the house [not sure if Heapstown, Co Sligo or in Lyonstown, Co Roscommon. Their house in Mount Allen is still standing and occupied]

John Killoran sold the McTernan lands to the Land Commission. Ned Tighe got a division of the land together with the mansion [most likely Heapstown]

Here below is the line of the O'Flanagans from Co Roscommon. Stephen Woulfe-Flanagan's mother was named Woulfe. Her brother was a very powerful man in Ireland by the name of Lord Chief Baron Woulfe. Captain Hugh McTernan's daughter, Eleanor married Stephen and had 8 or 9 children.

The descendency chart for the Woulfe-Flanagan familly is in this .rtf file Woulfe-flanagan family line

There was a Michael McTernan from Birrirech Gray, Co Sligo or Binganagh, Barony of Corran, Drumrat Civil and Catholic parish, Boyle PLU, Co Sligo that was married to Susanna Kelley that may be somehow? connected to this McTernan line. This Michael may have been the man servant that James McTernan, 1805--1856, had with him when he died in Co Dublin.

The below McTernan families most likely are connected to this McTernan line from Heapstown, Co Sligo and Mount Allen , Co Roscommon

The McTernans from the townlands of Killavoggy and Friarstown , both in the Barony of Drumahaire, Catholic and civil parish of Killanummery, Manorhamilton PLU in Co Leitrim.

The McTernans from the townland of Sweetwoods, Upper and Lower, Killarga civil parish, Killargue Catholic parish, barony of Drumahaire, Co Leitrim See the end of this web page for outline.

Gwen Brendon's line may also be connected to the Heapstown line via the McTernans of Sweetwood Lower , in Co Leitrim

Turner Bluechel [ Click here to send E-mail to ] supplied the below data as he connects to the McTernan line at Heapstown through the Loughnan family.

Here is what I have found and how it relates to the Mt Allen / Heapstown / Lyonstown McTernan Family.

Connell Loughnan b 1733 married Anastasia Shee in 1772. The Loughnan family Seat was the townland of Crohill or Crowhill, Barony of Fassadinin, civil parish of Muckalee in Co Kilkenny. Crowhill means wood of wild garlic. They had numerous children but I will only mention three here:

  1. Nicholas Loughnan from Clorinka [Clogharinka which means stone of dancing], Barony of Crannagh, civil parish of Freshford, Co Kilkenny b approx. 1792 and died approx. 1818 m. Eleanor Strange and had 3 children. There names are:

    1. Mary Anne [Marian] Loughnan, 1-1-1818--7-29-1839, married James McTernan, 1805--1856, and had the following children:

      1. Eleanor (Hellena) McTernan b 1836.
      2. Hugh McTernan b 1837.
      3. Anastasia McTernan b 1839. (She does not show on my documents)

    2. Nicholas Loughnan b. ?
    3. Connell Rothe Loughnan b. 1817 ( shows up as witness in James McTernan's 1837 doc.)

  2. James Loughnan married Mary Anne Meade in 1797 and had 12 children (I only mention 2):

    1. Henry John Loughnan b. 5 Sept 1800 -- this is my connection to this family.
    2. Connell Andrew Loughnan b 1802, note: this Connell was the solicitor of James McTernan in his 1856 will and is mentioned in the 1837 document. Connell married Bridget Francis Brennan and had many children (only mention 1):

      1. Eleanor Loughnan b 1836 m. Capt. Hugh McTernan 14 June 1858. This makes them second cousins.

  3. Joseph Loughnan m. Mary Strange (sister of above mentioned Ellen Strange) Note: Joseph is the brother-in-law of Eleanor Strange. She is mentioned as the widow and mother of Mary Anne Loughnan in James McTernan's 1837 doc.).

I find it very interesting that Eleanor and Hugh were married in 1858 which is over a year after James McTernan dies. Especially considering the language against intermarriage that James wrote into his will.

From Gwen Brogdon [ Click here to send E-mail to ] as she sees it:

Catherine (married to his father Hugh McTernan, 1760-1832, from previous will extractions) is his mother.

Hugh McTernan of Sweetwoods, Co Leitrim is the same as Hugh of Heapstown, Co Sligo whose Will has the disposition of land in Sweetwoods and Kilavogy, Co Leitrim.

James McTernan dies in 1856 in Kingstown, Co Dublin, [Dublin is a different than Co Dublin] and is asked to be buried in the Marlborough St. Chapel. (From previous land records we know James McTernan was married to Mary [Marian] Loughnan, thus the direction to his two children, Hugh and Helena, not to marry the surnames of McTernan or Loughnan, or be disowned. I think the Mr. Loughnan is Mary's brother as mentioned in the marriage settlement)

His son, [Captain] Hugh, heir, yet unmarried and under age of 20.

His daughter, Eleanor, Helena in Latin, yet unmarried.

A Michael McTiernan of Heapstown is mentioned but no relationship is mentioned.

This is the end of Gwen's notes


A John McTernan from Drumshanbo arrived on the S.S. Teutonic in USA between 1897 and 1902

The below was taken from the 1901 census and other written works.

Burials in parish

1. Maria Anne [Marian] McTiernan, nee Loughnan, of Mount Allen, died 7-26-1839, wife of James McTiernan, 1805--1856.

2. James McTernan, Mount Allen, died 5-27-1864

3. Mary McTernan, Mount Allen, died 7-17-1872

4. James McTiernan, died 8-26-1845

Baptismal Records

1. Eleanor [Helena] McTiernan, 5-22-1836--, father was James McTiernan, mother was Mary Ann [Marian] Loughnan, --7-26-1839 in Mount Allen.

2. Anastasia McTiernan, 7-4-1839--, father was James McTiernan, mother was Mary Ann [Marian] Loughnan, --7-26-1839 in Mount Allen.

3. Hugh McTiernan, 7-13-1837--, father was James McTiernan, mother was Mary Ann [Marian] Loughnan, --7-26-1839 in Mount Allen. This is Captain Hugh McTernan.

4. James McTernan, 7-7-1846--, father was John McTernan, mother was Mary Cooney, --7-17-1872, Mount Allen.

5. Charles McTernan, 1-17-1848--, father was John McTernan, mother was Mary Cooney, --7-17-1872, Mount Allen.

6. Eleanor McTernan, 6-13-1873--, father was Patrick McTernan, mother was Eleanor McTernan.

7. Catherine McTernan, 2-11-1855--, father was Philip McTernan, mother was Ann Degnan.

8. Catherine McTernan, 2-6-1829--, father was James McTernan (dod. either 8-26-1845 or 5-27-1864) from Mount Allen, mother was Catherine Hannon. Killarga Parish, Co. Leitrim, Census of Ireland, 1901

Below is a summery of the original Will of James McTernan, 1805--1856, of the Mt Allen and Heapstown family.

James was the father of Capt Hugh McTernan. Gwen was nice enough to send it to me several years ago and I now just found it. It is 14 pages long and I have noted below what I think it says. If Gwen does not mind and you should want a hard copy please let me know and I will send you one.

Here is a description of the Will and Testament of James McTernan, 1805--1856 of Heapstown, Co Sligo where James has only 2 direct heirs, his son Capt. Hugh McTernan and his daughter Helena McTernan both unmarried as of 1856. James' mother, Catherine McTernan, nee O'Dolan who died in 1857 is still alive and will live about two years longer than James. Anastasia, 1839--, may be the third child of James.

It appears that James, like many of us really wanted grandchildren and since his two children, Capt Hugh and his daughter, Helena were still not married as of 1856 he left part of his estate to the children of Mary Anne McTernan, the wife of his servant Charles McTernan. Charles and Mary Anne were from the townland of Leonagh, Co Leitrim which was part of James McTernan's estate. A Patrick McTernan from Leonagh is buried at the foot of the high altar in the Abbey of Creevelea as is my McTernan line from Sheskin and this James McTernan, 1805--1856, from Heapstown, Co Sligo.

In 1856, Charles and Mary Anne McTernan from Leonagh had one son by the name of John McTernan. The Will stipulates that if they have another son and name him James that both upper Leonagh and lower Leonagh townlands were to be left to their yet unborn child whose name would have to be James McTernan. If no additional son, or one not named James then John is to receive both townlands as long as the 60 pounds per annum head tax is paid by them. On another Codicil to his Will, James left one acre of ground and a house to Charles McTernan his servant in the townland of Lyonstown, Co Roscommon.

James also stipulated that his son, Capt. Hugh McTernan would receive all the estate in Co Leitrim only if he married by 20 or 21 years of age. The future Capt. Hugh McTernan was about 19 years old at the time, talk about Paternal pressure. James also stipulated that the estate going to his two kids is nullified if they marry or live in the same house with any unmarried relative named McTernan or Loughnan. James' wife maiden name was Loughnan. Interesting to note that Capt Hugh McTernan married his 2nd cousin, Eleanor Loughnan two years later which violates this part of the Will.

Interesting to note is that there is no mention of his Mt. Allen family seat of power in Co. Roscommon specifically. This was the original family seat, the house was built in 1671.

Also, who is the Michael McTernan mentioned in James' Will that is left the two Kilduffs and the townland of Dawry, both in the Barony of Tullyhaw which is the Barony on the border of and right north of the Barony of Tullyhunco. James, in the Will does not say he is a brother or a nephew or a servant, just names Michael McTernan who lives in Heapstown and leaves the three townlands to him.

Estates in Co Leitrim went to his son, Capt Hugh McTernan. A Codicil on the will gave 1 acre and house to Charles McTernan, his servant who was from the townland of Leonagh, Co Leitrim, and the husband of Mary Anne McTernan mentioned above. The Lyonstown estate in Co Roscommon went to his daughter, Helena.

James' main line of succession was to his son, Capt Hugh McTernan, his daughter, Helena McTernan and then to a John McTernan and Anne McTernan the children of Anne Kelly. What the connection is between Anne Kelly and James McTernan, 1805--1856, is not known or why with a last name of Kelly her orphaned children have a surname of McTernan.

John McTernan, the son of Anne Kelly was also left Tullyvanagh a townland in Co Roscommon or in Co Monaghan. Anne Kelly's other child by the name of Mary McTernan was left the townland of Tullynacross in Co Leitrim.

The townland of Leonagh is now in the Catholic Parish of Creevelea. Back in time it was in the Catholic Parish of Killargue. Leonagh lies near Belhavel lake at the upper end of Killargue parish today and is a sub parish of Drumkeerin. [6-7-2001 letter from Padraic Cullen] photo

A Charles McTernan, 1835--, from the townland of Leonagh married Elizabeth McMorrow from Drumduffy, Killargue Parish on December 14, 1865, at the Chapel of Killargue. Charles McTernan's, 1835--, father was James McTernan. A John McTernan and John McMorrow were listed as witnesses at the wedding.

A Charles McTernan, 1835--, perhaps the one above, married a Anne McMorrow in 1880.

A Hugh McTernan, 1832--11-25-1913, perhaps (RIN 4567) Patrick's brother, was both a farmer and a National School teacher. Hugh died in the townland of Leonagh, Killarga civil Parish in 1913. His wife, Margaret Magillian and daughter, Amie McTernan, -->1913 were still living in the townland of Leonagh in 1913.

Elizabeth Lovett and James McTernan's Grand Aunt was married in the Chapel of Killargue in 1894, [most likely Elizabeth McTernan, nee O'Rourke (RIN 3766)].

Buried in the Abbey of Creevelea: Patrick McTernan, 1821--6-6-1883, (RIN 3772) from the Townland of Leonagh. Also his daughter, Elizabeth C. Flannery, nee McTernan, 7-23-1857--5-26-1895. Interred in Derry his son Francis McTernan, 1854--11-27-1910, also his daughter Beatrice Maud McTernan age 16 months, and Elizabeth McTernan, nee O'Rourke, wife of above? (Patrick?), and Patrick McTernan, 1830--6-3-1922. Erected in fond remembrance by Francis and James McTernan.

Hugh (RIN 4567), James (RIN 4556) and Charles (RIN 4486) are all from the townland of Leonagh. Martin (RIN 4485) was Hugh's (RIN 4555) father. As yet there is no connection of Hugh, James, Charles & Martin to Patrick, 1823--, (RIN 3723) with the exception that all of all of them come from Leonagh the townland of Mark & Betty and Gerald from Dublin.

The McTernans from the townland of Leonagh, Co Leitrim

 DESCENDANCY CHART FOR JAMES MCTERNAN 8524 - from Leonagh, Drumahaire 26 Aug 2001 
Name (Birth/Chr.-Death/Burial) Birth/Chr. Place
1. James McTernan ?-8524
2. Charles McTernan-4485
sp: Mary Anne ? Unknown-4554
3. Patrick McTernan-3772 (b.1821-Leonagh,Killarga,Co Leitrim,Ire;d.6 Jun 1883-Leonagh,Killarga,Co Leitrim,Ire)
sp: Elizabeth Gallagher-3773 (b.Bef 1837-Gortermone,K,D,Co Leitrim, Ire;m.Abt 1848;d.Aft 1911-,Ire)
4. Francis McTernan-3356 (b.1854-,Ire;d.27 Nov 1910-,Ire)
4. Elizabeth C. McTernan-3774 (b.23 Jul 1857-Leonagh,Drumahaire,Co Leitrim,Ire;d.26 May 1895-,Co Leitrim,Ire)
sp: John Flannery-4994 (m.25 Apr 1894)
4. Beatrice Maud McTernan-3357
4. James McTernan-3775 (b.20 Nov 1861-Leonagh,Killargue,Drumahaire,Co Leitrim, Ire;d.Aft Jun 1883)
sp: Catherine Unknown-8549 (b.1862)
5. Hugh McTernan-8550 (b.1900-Leonagh,Killargue,Drumahaire,Co Leitrim, Ire)
5. Sarah ? McTernan-8551
4. Charles McTernan-3765 (b.22 Aug 1859-,Co Leitrim,Ire;d.14 Jul 1928-Hamden,Conn,USA)
sp: Elizabeth O'Rourke-3766 (b.1858-,Ire;m.27 Nov 1882;d.16 Jan 1931-Hamden,Conn,USA)
5. Mary Elizabeth McTernan-3767 (b.4 Sep 1883;d.29 Nov 1885-New Haven,Conn,USA)
5. John H. McTernan-3768 (b.11 Nov 1887-,Conn,USA;d.4 Feb 1889-New Haven,Conn,USA)
5. James J McTernan Sr.-3432 (b.10 Nov 1889-New Haven,Conn,USA;d.12 Sep 1968-New Haven,Conn,USA)
sp: Margaret Corves-3433 (b.1889;m.4 Dec 1919)
6. James J McTernan Jr.-3434 (b.25 Jun 1921-,Conn,USA)
sp: Marjorie Kidney-3435 (b.Abt 1921-,Usa;m.Abt 1946)
7. Mark McTernan-3436 (b.Abt 1948-New Orleans,La.,USA)
sp: Lynn Besch-3782
8. Patrick McTernan-3783 (b.7 Dec 1985-,Usa)
8. Erin McTernan-4156 (b.21 Sep 1987-,Usa)
8. Matthew McTernan-4157 (b.4 Oct 1991-,Usa)
7. Patricia McTernan-3759 (b.Abt 1950-,Usa)
sp: Walter Denn-3607
8. Christopher Denn-4120 (b.4 Oct 1987-,Usa)
7. Kevin McTernan-3760 (b.Abt 1953-,Usa)
sp: Vaughan Durkee-4119
8. Lillian McTernan-3897 (b.31 Jan 1982-,Usa)
6. Elizabeth Irene McTernan-3762 (b.May 1924-,Conn,USA)
sp: Henry Motz-3763 (m.Jun 1947)
5. Elena Christine McTernan-3769 (b.27 Mar 1892-,Conn,USA;d.25 Feb 1985-Madison,Wisc,USA)
5. Lillian Irene McTernan-3770 (b.7 Apr 1895-New Haven,Conn,USA;d.22 Jul 1947-Hamden,Conn,USA)
sp: Timothy F. Coyne-3771 (b.6 Jan 1893-New Haven,C,USA;m.29 Jun 1925;d.1 Dec 1977-East Haven,C,USA)
6. Elizabeth Ellen Coyne-4037 (b.6 Oct 1927-West Haven,Conn,USA)
sp: Joseph B. Lovett-4038 (b.1923;m.29 Mar 1948)
7. Joseph T. Lovett-4039 (b.1950-,Usa)
7. Stephen K. Lovett-4040 (b.1951;d.1951)
7. Diane E. Lovett-4041 (b.1952)
sp: Lee Patrick Jones-4044 (b.1950)
8. Mark P. Jones-4045 (b.1982)
8. Kevin M. Jones-4046 (b.1987)
7. Gerald K. Lovett-4042 (b.1954)
sp: Constance Finn-4047 (b.1956)
8. Erin E. Lovett-4048 (b.1982)
8. Michael J. Lovett-4049 (b.1987)
7. Martha Ann Lovett-4043 (b.1959)
sp: Eric Sullivan-4050 (b.1957)
8. William F. Sullivan-4051 (b.1992)
3. Hugh McTernan-4567 (b.1832-Leonagh,Killargue,Co Leitrim,Ire;d.25 Nov 1913-Leonagh,Killargue,Co Leitrim,Ire)
sp: Margaret Unknown-4568 (b.1841;d.Aft 1913-,Co Leitrim,Ire)
4. Annie McTernan-4569 (b.1884-Leonagh,Killargue,Co Leitrim,Ire;d.Aft 1913-,Co Leitrim,Ire)
3. Charles McTernan-4486 (b.Bef 1846-Leonagh,Killarga,Co Leitrim,Ire)
sp: Catherine Malchan-4487 (b.Bef 1846-,Ire;m.Bef 1866)
4. Charles McTernan-4488 (b.15 Sep 1866-Leonagh,Co Leitrim)
sp: Bridget Hart-4570
5. Catherine McTernan-4571 (b.15 Sep 1866-Leonagh,Co Leitrim,Ire)
3. Hugh McTernan-4555 (b.Abt 1844-Leonagh,Co Leitrim,Ire)
sp: Margaret Magillian-4557 (m.31 Mar 1864)
3. James McTernan-4556 (b.1848-Leonagh,Killargue,Drumahaire,Co Leitrim, Ire)
sp: Ceilia Unknown-4558 (b.1862)
4. James McTernan-3721 (b.1836-,Ire;d.13 Jan 1891-Inchina,Ire)
sp: Mary unknown-3722 (b.1837-,Ire;d.14 Sep 1910-,Co Leitrim,Ire)
5. Patrick McTernan-3723 (b.1868-,Co Leitrim,Ire;d.10 Aug 1879-,Co Leitrim,Ire)
5. unknown McTernan-3724 (b.Abt 1864-,Co Leitrim,Ire)
sp: Anne unknown-3725 (b.1865-,Co Leitrim,Ire;d.27 May 1907-,Co Leitrim,Ire)
4. Charles McTernan-4559 (b.1835-Leonagh,Co Leitrim,Ire)
sp: Elizabeth McMorrow-4560 (b.Abt 1840-Drumduffy,Killarga,Co Leitrim,Ire;m.14 Dec 1865)
4. Mary McTernan-8565 (b.1884-Leonagh,Killargue,Drumahaire,Co Leitrim, Ire)
4. Michael McTernan-8566 (b.1886-Leonagh,Killargue,Drumahaire,Co Leitrim, Ire)
4. Kate McTernan-8567 (b.1888-Leonagh,Killargue,Drumahaire,Co Leitrim, Ire)
4. Ceilia McTernan-8568 (b.1893-Leonagh,Killargue,Drumahaire,Co Leitrim, Ire)
4. James McTernan-8569 (b.1895-Leonagh,Killargue,Drumahaire,Co Leitrim, Ire)
4. John McTernan-8570 (b.1897-Leonagh,Killargue,Drumahaire,Co Leitrim, Ire)
3. Patrick McTernan-8552 (b.1842-Leonagh,Killargue,Drumahaire,Co Leitrim, Ire)
sp: Anne Unknown-8553 (b.1848)
4. Patrick McTernan-8554 (b.1872-Leonagh,Killargue,Drumahaire,Co Leitrim, Ire)
4. John McTernan-8555 (b.1874-Leonagh,Killargue,Drumahaire,Co Leitrim, Ire)
4. Elizabeth [Lizzie] McTernan-8556 (b.1883-Leonagh,Killargue,Drumahaire,Co Leitrim, Ire)
3. Unknown McTernan-8557 (d.Bef 1901-Leonagh,Killargue,Drumahaire,Co Leitrim, Ire)
sp: Mary Unknown-8558 (b.1842)
4. James McTernan-8559 (b.1872-Leonagh,Killargue,Drumahaire,Co Leitrim, Ire)
4. Kate McTernan-8560 (b.1874-Leonagh,Killargue,Drumahaire,Co Leitrim, Ire)
4. Annie McTernan-8561 (b.1876-Leonagh,Killargue,Drumahaire,Co Leitrim, Ire)
4. Dorinda McTernan-8562 (b.1878-Leonagh,Killargue,Drumahaire,Co Leitrim, Ire)
4. Eleanor McTernan-8563 (b.1881-Leonagh,Killargue,Drumahaire,Co Leitrim, Ire)
4. Maggie McTernan-8564 (b.1884-Leonagh,Killargue,Drumahaire,Co Leitrim, Ire)
3. Henry McTernan-8571 (b.1848-Leonagh,Killargue,Drumahaire,Co Leitrim, Ire)
sp: Anne Unknown-8574 (b.1861)
4. Annie McTernan-8575 (b.1888-Leonagh,Killargue,Drumahaire,Co Leitrim, Ire)
4. Charles McTernan-8576 (b.1892-Leonagh,Killargue,Drumahaire,Co Leitrim, Ire)
3. Michael McTernan-8572 (b.1845-Leonagh,Killargue,Drumahaire,Co Leitrim, Ire)
sp: Margaret Unknown-8573 (b.1849)


Leo McTiernan was able to find a web site dealing with events and the English settlers in North Roscommon at The following is the part that deals with Captain Hugh MacTernan. "In these days letters arrived in Carrick-on-Shannon from Dublin by Bianconnie Coach at 3.27 a.m. At 4.30 the post left Carrick for Leitrim, Keadue, Ballyfarnon, Dromahaire, Drumshanbo, Dowra, Drumkeerin, Killargue and Manorhamilton. The coach stopped at Church's Hotel and within 5 minutes 4 or 6 fresh horses already harnessed would replace the other horses. The most famous coachman employed by Bianconnie was McCloskey on the Sligo-Longford stage. The story is told that a passenger in the coach began to eat McCloskey's lunch - McCloskey in a voice that could be heard said to the footman, "There is enough poison in that food to kill all the rats that were eating the oats in Longford", whereupon the passenger became violently ill. The passenger was [Cpt. Hugh] MacTiernan whose family came from Mountallen and later from Heapstown."

Michael McTiernan
N40 03' 09.4"
W75 24' 14.1"


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