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 im looking for someone called Margaret Beirne
who is my adopted uncles natural mother. He has been searching for years
and doesnt know what else he can do. I know its a long shot but if
anyone has been in touch with you by the name of Margaret Beirne
foremerely Vorberg then can you please give them my E-mail and phone
no     Michael.Perry@diamond.co.uk     tel 01472329339
    any help would be greatly appreciated.
                                                        Mike Perry.
ps . here is some information which i have which may help,
(BEIRNE/VORBERG) I am looking for a 59 year old woman called Margaret
Beirne,formerely Vorberg who is my adopted uncle ( Vince Beirne's )
mother.Vince was born on 30/09/66 and she was born on 13/10/38 in County
She married in DEC 59 and had a daughter called Margaret
Beirne on the 23.3.60 in London and split with her husband (John Beirne
in 64. I know that she used to live with her sister at
145a cannon street, Leicester where she worked in some local
hotels, and she went to school in Northern Ireland until she was 14.

Mike Perry


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