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My Great Grandfather was Owen MacGrail (or MacGreal) born in Sligo 1857. 
Died in England 1904 after falling into an ice covered lake at Tynemouth
and catching pneumonia.

His mother and twin brother died in childbirth

He came to England as a young man and married a young widow called Sarah
Lydia Coyne, (nee Johnston) at North Shields.
She died 1929/30

They had five children, Austin, Hubert, Michael, Sarah (1893) and Margaret
(my Grandmother) 2 March 1895.

Austin married Jenny Melia at North Shields and they had four children -
Austin, John, Alfred and Hubert.

Eldest son, Austin had two children, Terence (now living in Hull, England) 
and Sylvia (now in Australia or New Zealand).

Alfred was lost at sea in 1942.

Hubert had one son, Richard, my second cousin.

That is all I know but I would be very interested to know more of this side
of my maternal family if that is possible.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Grant


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