The History of 8 Families



The History of 8 Families

Lucash Family Armorial Coat of Arms & Crest

The PAF descendancy chart listing all known descendants of Johann Lucash, c. 1763--. from Manetin, Bohemia.

The ucash family that married into the Fries family is from Manetin and then later Prague, Bohemia, Hapsburg-Austrian Empire (Czechoslovakia). The Armorial Coat of Arms & Crest is from a Lucash family with its seat based in the Ukraine which is a long stretch from Prague. Arriving in America in 1854 on the ship Sir Robert Peel at the port of New Orleans, LA, the family came up the Mississippi river by steamboat to settle in Freeburg, St. Clair County, IL about 15 miles east of St. Louis, MO. The American immigrants were my great grandmother, Barbara Fries, nee Lucash, 1840--1924, her parents and other siblings. Her father, Joseph Lucash was a horse trader according to verbal family history. It is not known what the family did back in Prague.

The 30 page history of the Lucash family from Prague, Bohemia, Hapsburg-Austrian Empire.

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The people of any one country are unique in one way or another over all others. The one thing that the Hapsburg-Austrians and the Germans have uniquely over any other country or race is their uniqueness of industriousness.

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