All the townlands in the parish of Killarga, Co Leitrim, Ireland

TOWNLAND                     ALSO KNOWN AS    ACRES    TOWNLAND                    
Altavra                                                Altavra                     
Annagh                                                 Annagh                      
Annaghboy                                              Annaghboy                   
Barlear                                                Barlear                     
Belhavel                                               Belhavel                    
Blackgardens                                           Blackgardens                
Boleybrack                                             Boleybrack                  
Brockagh                                               Brockagh                    
Carrickmurray                                          Carrickmurray               
Carrickoghil                                           Carrickoghil                
Cloonagh                                               Cloonagh                    
Corderry                                               Corderry                    
Cornamarve                                             Cornamarve                  
Corrasra                                               Corrasra                    
Corratawy                                              Corratawy                   
Cunnion                                                Cunnion                     
Curry                                                  Curry                       
Darkvalley                                             Darkvalley                  
Dergvone                                               Dergvone                    
Derrintawny                                            Derrintawny                 
Drumany Glebe                                          Drumany Glebe               
Drumcashlagh                                           Drumcashlagh                
Drumderg                                               Drumderg                    
Drumduffy                                              Drumduffy                   
Drumillion                                             Drumillion                  
Drumkeel                                               Drumkeel                    
Drumlumman Glebe                                       Drumlumman Glebe            
Geskanagh Glebe                                        Geskanagh Glebe             
Gortahork                                              Gortahork                   
Gortatresk                                             Gortatresk                  
Gorteen                                                Gorteen                     
Gortermone                                             Gortermone                  
Gortnacorkoge                                          Gortnacorkoge               
Gowlaun                                                Gowlaun                     
Greagh                                                 Greagh                      
Greaghnagon                                            Greaghnagon                 
Gubaderry                                              Gubaderry                   
Killarga                                               Killarga                    
Killooman                                              Killooman                   
Knockacullion                                          Knockacullion               
Lackagh                                                Lackagh                     
Leamaskally                                   179      Leamaskally                 
Leonagh                                       241      Leonagh                     
Lisgavneen                                    386      Lisgavneen                  
Lisnagowan                                    157      Lisnagowan                  
Lugnaskeehan                                  269      Lugnaskeehan                
Mullaghmore                                   422      Mullaghmore                 
Shancarrick                                   85       Shancarrick                 
Sheskin                                       94       Sheskin                     
Sleveen                                       77       Sleveen                     
Socknalougher                                 80       Socknalougher               
Socks                                         84       Socks                       
Sranacrannaghy                                196      Sranacrannaghy              
Sweetwood Little                              90       Sweetwood Little            
Sweetwood Lower                               129      Sweetwood Lower             
Sweetwood Upper                               95       Sweetwood Upper             
Tawnahoney                                    134      Tawnahoney                  
Tawnyhoosy                                    108      Tawnyhoosy                  
Tawnylea                                      193      Tawnylea                    
Treannadullagh                                177      Treannadullagh              
Tullinloughan                                 238      Tullinloughan               
Tullinwannia                                  265      Tullinwannia                
Tullinwillin                                  159      Tullinwillin                
Tullycreevy                                   80       Tullycreevy                 
Tullynacross                                  80       Tullynacross                
Tullynamoyle                                  644      Tullynamoyle                
Tullynasharragh                               145      Tullynasharragh

Last updated January 19, 1999

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