All the townlands in the parish of Inishmagrath, Co Leitrim, Ireland

TOWNLAND                     ALSO KNOWN AS    ACRES    TOWNLAND                    
Acres                                                  Acres                       
Aghamore                                               Aghamore                    
Alteen                                                 Alteen                      
Alteenacres Glebe                                      Alteenacres Glebe           
Altiquin                                               Altiquin                    
Annaghgerry                                            Annaghgerry                 
Ardlougher                                             Ardlougher                  
Aughrim                                                Aughrim                     
Bargowla                                               Bargowla                    
Barragh Beg                                            Barragh Beg                 
Barragh More                                           Barragh More                
Boleybaun                                              Boleybaun                   
Boleymaguire                                           Boleymaguire                
Braudphark                                             Braudphark                  
Bundiveen                                              Bundiveen                   
Camalt                                                 Camalt                      
Canbeg                                                 Canbeg                      
Carrowlaur                                             Carrowlaur                  
Cartronbeg                                             Cartronbeg                  
Cavan                                                  Cavan                       
Cloonamurgal                                           Cloonamurgal                
Clooneen                                               Clooneen                    
Cloonmeone Lower                                       Cloonmeone Lower            
Cloonmeone Upper                                       Cloonmeone Upper            
Coollegreane                                           Coollegreane                
Corchuill Lower                                        Corchuill Lower             
Corchuill Upper                                        Corchuill Upper             
Corcormick                                             Corcormick                  
Corderry                                               Corderry                    
Corduff                                                Corduff                     
Corglass                                               Corglass                    
Corloughcahill                                         Corloughcahill              
Corloughtomalty                                        Corloughtomalty             
Cornacloy                                              Cornacloy                   
Corralustia                                            Corralustia                 
Corraweehil Glebe                                      Corraweehil Glebe           
Corry                                                  Corry                       
Corry Island                                           Corry Island                
Corry Mountain                                         Corry Mountain              
Curraghs North                                         Curraghs North              
Curraghs South                                         Curraghs South              
Derreens                                               Derreens                    
Derrindangan                                           Derrindangan                
Derrintawy Glebe                                       Derrintawy Glebe            
Derrinurn                                              Derrinurn                   
Derrinvoher                                            Derrinvoher                 
Derrinvoney Lower                                      Derrinvoney Lower           
Derrinvoney Upper                                      Derrinvoney Upper           
Derrinweer                                             Derrinweer                  
Derrinwillin Glebe                                     Derrinwillin Glebe          
Derrybofin                                             Derrybofin                  
Derrycullinan                                          Derrycullinan               
Derrycullinan Beg                                      Derrycullinan Beg           
Derrylustia                                            Derrylustia                 
Derrynahinch                                           Derrynahinch                
Derrynalurgan                                          Derrynalurgan               
Derryvalannagher Glebe                                 Derryvalannagher Glebe      
Doolargy                                               Doolargy                    
Drumbrahade                                            Drumbrahade                 
Drumkeerin                                             Drumkeerin                  
Drumkeerin T.                                          Drumkeerin T.               
Drummanacappul                                         Drummanacappul              
Drummanasooan                                          Drummanasooan               
Drummanfaughnan                                        Drummanfaughnan             
Drummangarvagh                                         Drummangarvagh              
Drummans Island                                        Drummans Island             
Drumrewy                                               Drumrewy
Falty                                                  Falty                       
Fingreagh Lower                                        Fingreagh Lower             
Fingreagh Upper                                        Fingreagh Upper             
Geaglom                                                Geaglom                     
Glackaunadarragh                                       Glackaunadarragh            
Glasdrumman Beg                                        Glasdrumman Beg             
Glasdrumman More                                       Glasdrumman More            
Glassalt                                               Glassalt                    
Gortacorka                                             Gortacorka                  
Gortnasillagh East                                     Gortnasillagh East          
Gortnasillagh West                                     Gortnasillagh West          
Gowlaunrevagh                                          Gowlaunrevagh               
Greaghnadarragh                                        Greaghnadarragh             
Greaghnaglogh                                          Greaghnaglogh               
Greaghnaslieve                                         Greaghnaslieve              
Greyfield                                              Greyfield                   
Gubb                                                   Gubb                        
Killadiskert                                           Killadiskert                
Kilmore                                                Kilmore                     
Kilnagarns Lower                                       Kilnagarns Lower            
Kilnagarns Upper                                       Kilnagarns Upper            
Kiltyfeenaghty Glebe                                   Kiltyfeenaghty Glebe        
Knockacosan                                            Knockacosan                 
Knockateean                                            Knockateean                 
Knocknacoska                                           Knocknacoska            
Larga                                         86       Larga                       
Lavagh                                        92       Lavagh                      
Lecarrow                     Strandhill       54       Lecarrow                    
Leckaun                                       175      Leckaun                     
Letter                                        310      Letter                      
Lisacoghil                                    208      Lisacoghil                  
Lisadlooey                                    37       Lisadlooey                  
Liscuillew Lower                              168      Liscuillew Lower            
Liscuillew Upper                              265      Liscuillew Upper            
Lisdrumgran                                   90       Lisdrumgran                 
Lisfuiltaghan                                 360      Lisfuiltaghan
Lisnanaw                                      83       Lisnanaw                    
Lisnanorrus                                   88       Lisnanorrus                 
Lugmeeltan                                    235      Lugmeeltan                  
Lugmeen                                       50       Lugmeen                     
Lugmore                                       72       Lugmore                     
Mahanagh                                      196      Mahanagh                    
Modorragh                                     151      Modorragh                   
Moneenatieve                                  510      Moneenatieve                
Moneenreave                                   208      Moneenreave                 
Mullaghbaun                                   98       Mullaghbaun                 
Mullaghcashel                                 58       Mullaghcashel               
Mullaghfadda                                  67       Mullaghfadda                
Ross                                          64       Ross                        
Ross Beg Glebe                                60       Ross Beg Glebe              
Ross More                                     124      Ross More                   
Seltan                                        499      Seltan                      
Seltannasaggart              Corry Mountain   131      Seltannasaggart             
Seltannaskeagh                                47       Seltannaskeagh              
Shass                                         315      Shass                       
Sheena                                        121      Sheena                      
Shivdelagh                                    158      Shivdelagh                  
Stangaun                                      139      Stangaun                    
Strandhill                   Lecarrow         54       Strandhill                  
Tawnycorragh                                  105      Tawnycorragh                
Tents                                         178      Tents                       
Tinnybeg                                      71       Tinnybeg                    
Tonlegee                                      844      Tonlegee                    
Tullaghans                                    151      Tullaghans                  
Tullintowell                                  435      Tullintowell                
Tullyclevaun                                  311      Tullyclevaun                
Tullycorka                                    381      Tullycorka
Tullymurray                                   329      Tullymurray                 
Tullynamuckduff                               190      Tullynamuckduff             
Tullynaroog                                   77       Tullynaroog                 
Tullyveame                                    69       Tullyveame                  
Turpaun                                       63       Turpaun                     
Ummera                                        146      Ummera                      
Unshinagh                                     48       Unshinagh

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