Copy of Letter from Catherine McTiernan - written to Hugh McTernan, 
Australia, in 1869. Catherine was his sister-in-law.

( Note this family is in the Ta DNA group )

May 24 1869

Dearly beloved and ever remembered friend

I assure you that no person could describe nor tongue relate the joy I was
seized with in hearing of your being still alive and well. It often
occurred to me that you were not among the living in consequence of your
long silence, but thank God the case is otherwise, which gives animation ten
fold to my feeble frame.

No doubt but you have heard that your dear brother, my husband, has left me
alas to mourn loss, irreparable loss to me indeed, but must submit to the
will of providence now relative to vicissitudes and trials we mortals are
subject to. I shudder at the idea of penning what has unfortunately fallen
to my own lot. As I cannot enumerate half, I must be brief in giving an

You are aware that my son, Con, got married. After such he turned out
contrary to expectations and gave me every annoyance and treated me most
indifferently and cruelly. From the treatment received, I had no
alternative but become an inmate of the Workhouse or inevitably fall a
victim to starvation, were it not that providence blessed me with a daughter
with whom I live at present. She is married to one Pat Gilmartin in this
parish. Consider my thoughts to say that I am supported by a strange man
and my own son having all the substance left by my ever dear and much
lamented husband and I dare not enter my own Cabin, if such it may be

I cannot find from myself to enter further into detail, the above is quite
enough to draw inference from. I am as it were a solitary being in this
locality, bereft of consolation, limited in means and left to mourn the loss
that never can be recalled.

Having said as much , I must enquire now after your welfare and that of the
family, to all whom I send my love and blessing, unceasingly praying for the
throw of mercy for the temporal and spiritual welfare of you and yours,
hoping soon as this reaches you, you will send me a few lines that will
raise my drooping spirits, and give a long and lengthened account of matters
pertaining to yourself and family.

Your brother Bryan, the only surviving one in this quarter of the globe, is
well. He was up here lately seeing me which he did most friendly indeed and
glad I am to announce that he is well.

Relative to any of my own family, John is in New York and married. Jas in
England and married also. Mary, my daughter in this Parish and very well
off. She is the only one of my children that I can look to for maintenance
and has two children, a daughter and a son. She and husband join me in
sending you and yours joint blessings, praying to the God of Mercy to pour
His choicest blessings on you and to crown your efforts with success, is the
ardent prayer of your ever remembered friend, well-wisher and disconsolate
widow of your ever remembered brother. May the Lord rest his soul in peace,

So remains

Catherine McTiernan

Address: C/- Pat Gilmartin
Dowra. P. Office