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One piece in particular someone might be able to help me with is Griffith's Valuation Book for ManorHamilton, page 118, parish of Killarga, in the Townland of Sweetwood Lower and Sweetwood Upper.. All of Sweetwood Lower and Upper shows the "Immediate Lessor" as James McTiernan. Location #5 in Sweetwood Lower shows the "Occupier" as Philip McGovern, believed to be our ancestor. Description of Tenement - House, office, and land. Area - 12 A, 2 R, 1 P. "Rateable Annual Valuation" Land - 5L 15s 0p. Buildings 0L, 10s, 0p. "Total Annual Valuation of Rate....Property" 6L 5s........(page cut off).

Questions - The date on this is 1856-7. Was this the actual date taken, or was it over time and released then? Because I have a report that Philip McGovern, his wife Mary McTiernan, and their family, left through the port of Sligo, arrived in Boston "on Easter Sunday" (if exact, April 20) 1851, and parents and all but one child went to a farm near Orillia, Ontario, Canada. The report says that two brothers went over earlier and located(?) the farm, then son Felix returned to bring the family. Philip died before 1861. Mary died July 18, 1897, age 85. Census records support that Mary was born 1812 Their children (ref. your notes on naming of children) were (calc. b/dates)

James (1833), 
Felix    (1837)
John  22 Jun 1839
Peter   (1844)
Catherine (1847)
Ann	(1855)

All but Michael and the father, Philip, appear on the 1861 census, and Ann is shown as age 6. All are shown to have been born in Ireland, so the arrival date of 1851 does not appear to be correct, which would support the Griffiths info.

I suspect that Mary McTiernan was the daughter of the Lessor, James McTiernan above, that Philip McGovern is the one named on Griffith's valuation, that they named their first son after James McTiernan, and that they left Ireland shortly after that. Perhaps the current descendant of that James McGovern, who reported that they came to Canada about 1852 meant that James and Felix came then, and Felix later returned for the family. This would make sense. And he is the one who said they landed in the U.S. and that one brother never came to Canada. We will look for correct ship information.

Can you identify the James McTiernan I refer to? On the same page, in township Sranacrannaghy, is Bryan McTiernan, with Lessor George Lane Fox, names I recognize from your History. Can you discuss the Tenement information above - would Philip be renting this property from James McTiernan, James own this land? What would "office" mean in the description. Any idea what rent would be paid? Any opinion on Philip's worth from this? Would there be any written records in relation to this? And assuming this is the man, would there be any hope of finding him and family in any records - children's baptisms, the marriage, etc. and if so, where would I look?

Sure would appreciate your comments and suggestions.

-------------- John Gile in Victoria, the beautiful capitol city of British Columbia, Canada.

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