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Fries Family Armorial Coat of Arms & Crest

The PAF descendancy chart listing all known descendants of Burkhard Fries, 1580--1640. The maternal Fries line goes back to c 1545.

My direct ries family line first moved from Bavaria to Baden. Originally from the village of Strüth, Würzburg, parish of Röttingen, Bavaria, Germany, a later generation of Fries' moved to the village of Kützbrunn, Grünsfeld, Main-Taüber District, parish of Grünsfeld-Zimmer, County of Taüberbischfsheim (old county of Mosbach), Baden, Germany (20 miles SW of Würzburg, Bavaria). Würzburg's history is quite interesting. One branch of the Fries family settled in Belleview, IA while my branch settled in Belleville, IL. My great grandfather, Konradius Fries, 1834--1897, as a youngster, immigrated to St. Clair County, IL with his family, to the town of Belleville, IL near the Mississippi River, east of St. Louis, MO in 1848. They were farmers in Germany and laborers in Illinois.

The 390 page history of the Fries family from Strüth, Bavaria and Kützbrunn, Baden, Germany.

The people of any one country are unique in one way or another over all others. The one thing that Germany or rather the Germans have uniquely over any other country or race is their industriousness.

Searching for links to other Fries families.

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