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	I am searching for my Beirne ancestors around Elphin, Co. Roscommon.

My great great grandfather John Burns came to America in 1846. He was born between 1820 and 1825. His death certificate lists his parents as Martin and Rose Burns (Beirne). It was said that when he left for America aboard the ship the Stephen L. Whitney it was to elope with Bridget Kenny (sp?), daughter of Michael, whose parents were arranging a marriage for her. She, too, is listed on the ship's manifest. John and Bridget came in to New York City but moved early to Brooklyn and Hampton in eastern Connecticut where they lived for the rest of their lives. (It was said that one or both had siblings in New York City, but if so all connections were lost.) They had three sons: Martin, born 1847; Michael, born 1848 or '49; and John, born Christmas Day 1850. In his naturalization papers, John said he came from Elphin. I take that to mean the vicinity of Elphin. Thus, I have been searching for any Martin Beirnes in Irish records in the 19th Century, and even in the 1749 Synge census. I have a document which lists all of the references to Martin that I have found. Most recently, I am focused on Carrowcryn where a Martin Beirne and Thomas Beirne each had 5 acres in the 1820s TAB. A fellow researcher whose Beirne family also used the names Martin, Michael, and John has traced her family to that townland. We also are both interested in any Beirnes in the Aughrim- Kilmore area. Any info would be appreciated. Many thanks. Mary Lee Dunn (MaryLDunn@aol.com)

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