All the townlands in the parish of Drumlease, Co Leitrim, Ireland

TOWNLAND                     ALSO KNOWN AS    ACRES    TOWNLAND                    
Aghameelta                                             Aghameelta                  
Aghameelta Bar                                         Aghameelta Bar              
Banagher                                               Banagher                    
Boyhy                                                  Boyhy                       
Carrickanurroo                                         Carrickanurroo              
Carrickfad                                             Carrickfad                  
Carrigeencor                                           Carrigeencor                
Cartron                                                Cartron                     
Conaghil                                               Conaghil                    
Conray                                                 Conray                      
Cornalaghta                                            Cornalaghta                 
Corrudda                                               Corrudda                    
Corrycullen                                            Corrycullen                 
Curraghan                                              Curraghan                   
Doonkelly                                              Doonkelly                   
Doonmorgan                                             Doonmorgan                  
Drumahaire                                             Drumahaire                  
DRUMAHAIRE T.                                          DRUMAHAIRE T.               
Drumlease                                              Drumlease                   
Faslowart                                              Faslowart                   
Fawn                                                   Fawn                        
Fawnarry                                               Fawnarry                    
Fawnlion                                               Fawnlion                    
Gleneige                                               Gleneige                    
Gortnaskeagh                                           Gortnaskeagh                
Greenaun North                                         Greenaun North              
Greenaun South                                         Greenaun South              
Kilcoosy                                               Kilcoosy                    
Killaleen                                              Killaleen                   
Killenna Glebe                                         Killenna Glebe              
Kilmore                                                Kilmore                     
Kinnara Glebe                                          Kinnara Glebe               
Leckaun                                       220      Leckaun                     
Leean                                         538      Leean                       
Lugalustran                                   72       Lugalustran                 
Magurk                                        222      Magurk                      
Moneyduff                                     279      Moneyduff                   
Morerah                                       592      Morerah                     
Mullagh                                       368      Mullagh                     
Rubbal                                        168      Rubbal                      
Sramore                                       681      Sramore                     
Sriff                                         222      Sriff                       
Stonepark                                     396      Stonepark           

Last updated January 19, 1999

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