Dog Regulation Ireland Act, 1865

for District of Drumahaire, Co Leitrim

If you owned a dog you had to register it with
the government

all below are McTernans or McTiernans
all have only one dog except Farrell and Martin with 2

given name       townland residence  

Michael             Beagh, family of Mike-UK or John-Rev or Gerard in the T Group        
John                Cadda
????                Cashel
John                Cloonbonnive
Charles             Ceratavie
Owen                Ceratavie
James               Doonkelly, family of Sean-sol and Noel, T Group
James               Drumconnor, may be Ray McTernan's family
Michael             Drumoory
John                Drumrane
Farrell             Fawnarry
Geoffrey            Flaughnnagh
Martin              Gortermone, John Frank's family Td group  or Cathal NI's family T3a group
James               Moragh
Owen                Sheskin, my family, T group
Hugh                 Sheskin, my family, T group
James               Socks