Carney Family Blazon and Crest

arney family Armorial Coat of Arms & Crest

The Carney family motto; "Sustine et abstine", (Sustain and abstain)

The O'Kearney / Kearney / Carney Armorial Arms & Crest

Blazon of Arms; Argent (silver), three lions rampart Gules (red), on a chief Azure (blue) between two pheons of the first, a gauntletted hand fessways or holding a dagger erect proper, pommel and hilt Or (gold).

Translation; Ermine (fur) is the emblem of Dignity. Gules (red) denotes Millitary Fortitude and Valor. Vert (green) denotes Hope and Joy. Argent (silver) signifys Peace and Sincereity. Azure (blue) represents Loyality and Truth. Or (gold) denotes Generosity and Intellect. The lions denote Strength, Courage and Majesty.

Crest; A gauntletted hand holding a dagger as in arms.





O'Kearney or O'Cearnaigh is derived from the Galic word "cearnach" meaning "victorious".

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