The History of the Carney / Kearney family from the townland of Carrigeencor, Parish of Drumlease, Barony of Drumahaire, Co Leitrim, Connacht, Ireland

from c. 1790 on

The O'Kearney / Kearney / Carney Armorial Arms & Crest

The Carney family motto; "Sustine et abstine", Sustain and abstain.

The Carney / Kearney family is from the Townland of Carrigeencor , Barony of Drumahaire , Catholic and civil parish of Drumlease, Civil Diocese of Kilmore , Barony of Drumahaire, PLU and Superintendent Registar's District of Manorhamilton, Dispensary and Registar's District of Drumahaire, Co Leitrim, West Breifne, Connacht, Ireland. The earliest known direct ancestor of my Carney family line is 1.4. Martin Carney, c 1790--, who most likely had at least two siblings, 1.1. Owen Carney and 1.2. Farrell Carney and possibly a third.

The name Carney may be spelled Kearney. It is spelled that way on the 1892 Brisbane wedding certificate of Martin's great grandson, Michael McTernan, 1867--1937, and his wife, Anne McMorrow. His mother's name, Mary Carney was listed on the wedding certificate as Mary Kearney.

The Carney name is the alternative spelling of the original, O'Kearney. While the name O'Kearney is spread over the four providences of Ireland, Carney is almost confined to Connacht. Our Carney family may be a branch of the Ui Fiachrach whose territory was around Moynulla and Balla in County Mayo. In County Cavan, the name was spelled McCarney with a townland in County Meath called Ballymacarney.

The setting of the Carney family is a rock walled cabin on a 88 acre farm in the townland of Carrigeencor on the banks of Lake Carrigeencor. The house foundation is all that remains as of 1998. The Carney farm was almost 10 % of the 900 acres that makes up Carrigeencor. The view of the lake from the Carney house has got to be one of the most beautiful in all of Ireland. Additionally, the lake is famous for its Perch fishing.

1. Unknown Carney, c.1760--, our earliest unknown ancestor and the father of 1.4. Martin Carney. This Carney was most likely born in the townland of Corrigeencor. His wife's name is also unknown. This unknown Carney most likely had at least three or four sons. They were:

1.1. Owen Carney, c. 1810--, the first son, born in the townland of Corrigeencor. In the 1833 evaluation, Owen Carney is listed as the property holder for the Carney land in Carrigeencor.

1.2. Farrell Carney, c. 1810--, the second son, born in the townland of Corrigeencor. Farrell's wife was Eleanor McTiernan. Any relation to the McTernan family of Sheskin is at this point unknown. The bands for 1.2. Farrell and Eleanor's wedding were published on 2-3-1841 as part of the Manorhamilton bands.

1.3. Unknown Carney, c. 1810--, a son, born in the townland of Corrigeencor. The name of this Carney's wife is also unknown. This Carney is most likely either, 1.1. Owen Carney or 1.2. Farrell Carney above. This Carney had at least one son by the name of Patrick Carney.

The history at this point is still under construction

At this point the Carney family was entering the famine times in Ireland. While the townland of Carrigeencor is 900 acres big, the Carney family farm was 88 acres with a lake full of Perch next to it.

The Famine Population shift in Carrigeencor and its larger areas
Townland /
Parishes /
P.L.U. /
Size in
1841 acres
per person
1851 acres
per person
% drop in
% increase
in acreage to
support one
33 %
48 %
Drumlease Parish
13 %
14 %
20 %
Barony of
Co Leitrim
27 %

1.4. Martin Carney, c. 1790--, his family, along with his brothers and their families were the ones that lived through the famine. How many of the 96 occupants of Carigeencor that left between 1841 and 1851 were part of our Carney family is unknown.

1.4. Martin Carney, c. 1790--, the third son, born in the townland of Corrigeencor in the late 1700s, is my direct ancestor. The name of his wife is unknown. They had at least one child, a son.

1.4.1. Michael Carney, 1811--5-15-1893, born in the townland of Carrigeencor. Michael married Mary McTernan, 1813--1915. There is a high probability that Mary is from the townland of Sheskin with no proven link as yet. Mary died at 102 years of age on Carrigeencor, her son Joseph was present when she passed. The 1857 and 1883 Griffiths Valuation list has Michael Kearney (Carney) as both a Occupier and as an Immediate Lessor in the Townland of Carrigeencor , Parish of Drumlease, Barony of Drumahaire, Co Leitrim. Michael was the only one listed as an Immediate Lessor besides George Lane-Fox. It looks like Michael rented the main Carney house from George Land-Fox and then a vacant house is listed with Michael as the Lessor.

Mary Carney, nee McTernan 1813--1915, and Mary McTernan, nee Carney, 1845--1916, my great grandmother, would go down to collect their pensions together from Paddy Harte the postmaster at Gortgarrigan, parish of Cloonlogher, Barony of Drumahaire. 

Michael Carney was renting the land from Sir George Lane Fox. The 1901 census has Michael Carney's name scratched out and Bridget Kearney (Carney's) inserted. Michael died on Carrigeencor, listed as a farmer on the death certificate. Michael and Mary Carney, nee McTernan's five children were. Peter Carney, the first of Michael Carney and Mary McTernan's children most likely born in Carrigeencor , Drumlease parish, Co Leitrim. Michael Carney, the second child of Michael Carney and Mary McTernan was born in the Townland of Carrigeencor , Drumlease, Co Leitrim. Hugh Carney, the third child of Michael Carney and Mary McTernan was born in the Townland of Carrigeencor , Drumlease, Co Leitrim. Hugh McTernan VIII, 1916--, the son of John McTernan, remembers going to Hugh Carney's house on St. Stephen's and Christmas for the holiday parties. Joseph Patrick Carney, 1860--1929, the fourth child of Michael Carney and Mary McTernan was born in the Townland of Carrigeencor , Drumlease, Co Leitrim. Joseph went to Kilcosey school about 2 miles from where he lived, walked back and forth each day before he started working. Later, he worked for several years in England and Scotland. Joseph married Kate Ann Keoghan, 1863--1892, on 3-4-1889 in St. Bridget's, the Chapel of Inishmagrath in Drumkeeran. Kate Ann was born in Killarga, Co Leitrim. Kate's parents were Michael Keoghan from Killargue and Mary Ann Sweeney from Leonagh. Kate Ann died in Carrigeencor.

Joseph had five children, one daughter by Kate Ann Keoghan and four other children by Rose Fallon, 1876--c. 1918. The witnesses at the 1909 wedding of Joseph Carney and Rose Fallon were John McTernan and Anna Fallon. This John McTernan was most likely John McTernan. Rose was raised in Ballintogher. Joseph and Kate's only daughter was, Mary Ann Kiloran, nee Carney, 2-12-1892--, the first daughter of Joseph Patrick Carney and Kate Ann Keoghan, born in Killarga, Co Leitrim. The witnesses at the baptism were Hugh McTernan and Mary McGlikham. Hugh McTernan is most likely the Hugh McTernan VI. Mary Ann immigrated to America. Her father Joseph Patrick Carney visited America several times. He was on the passenger list for the Titanic but did not board. Mary Ann married Patrick Kiloran. They had at least one child. Catherine L. Bogden, nee Kiloran, 1917--1988, born in the Boston, MA area. Catherine married John Bogden, --1943. They had at least one son. John Bogden, 1943--, who lives in the Boston, MA area.

Kate Ann Carney, nee Keoghan, 1863--1892, died of Meningitis five days after the birth of her daughter. Joseph then went back to live with his mother on Carrigeencor. On 11-25-1909, he then married Rose Fallon, 1-13-1876--5-12-1927, in Killenmmurry, Ardagh. Rose was born in the town of Ballintogher, Parish of Killerry, Barony of Tirerrill, Co Sligo. Both Joseph and Rose died on Carrigeencor. Joseph and Rose had four children.

This section of the Carney family is still under construction Patrick Vincent Carney, 5-12-1916--1-6-1990, called Paddy, was the fifth child of Joseph Patrick Carney by Rose Fallon, born in Ireland. Paddy married Margaret Dowdican, --10-11-1998, from the townland of Tullaghan, Co. Leitrim. Paddy Carney died as he lived among friends and family, Jan 6, 1990, after a dance with his wife and a chat with his friends at a Senior Citizens Community Post Christmas Dinner, at Tullaghan, Co Leitrim about 40 miles from where he was born. They had four children. They are,

The history is still under construction Mary McTernan, nee Carney, 1845--1916, the fifth child of Michael Carney and Mary McTernan, born in the townland of Carrigeencor , parish of Drumlease, Barony of Drumahaire, Co Leitrim, Ireland. Mary married Hugh McTernan V, 1836--1909, who was born in the townland of Sheskin, parish of Killarga, Barony of Drumahaire, Co. Leitrim. I have put Roman numerals with each Hugh McTiernan, eight in all to keep them straight.

Hugh McTernan V, the son of Hugh McTernan IV and Mary McNiff, married Mary Carney (Kearney), 1845--2-25-1916, on Monday, March 23, 1863, in the Parish of Drumlease, Co. Leitrim. Hugh McTernan V was twenty seven and Mary Carney was eighteen at the time of the wedding. The witnesses at the wedding were William Krany and Pat Carney.

Hugh McTernan V and his wife Mary Carney owned and farmed 47 acres in the Townland of Sheskin. Records state that Hugh McTernan V and Mary Carney lived in Sheskin in 1866. Records also state that there were two houses in Sheskin in 1901. The 1901 census states that, Sheskin was occupied by Hugh McTernan V, 1836--1909, and his wife Mary Carney and their son, John McTernan, 1874--1949. See the McTernan History for all of the remaining descendants. Hugh V and Mary had five children. They are: Michael McTernan , 2-9-1864--1937, was the first child born in Sheskin to Hugh McTernan V and his wife Mary Carney.

Michael was baptized on Tuesday, February 9, 1864 at the Chapel of Killargue . The sponsors were James Sheridan and Margaret McTernan. Who this Margaret McTernan is or how she relates, at this point is unknown. Michael McTiernan immigrated to Brisbane, Australia before 1892 and married Anne Bridget McMorrow, 1864--, in St. Stephen's Cathedral, in the Australian District of Brisbane, Colony of Queensland, on November 28, 1892. See the McTernan History for Michael's descendants. Hugh McTiernan VI , 1866--1944, was the second child born to Hugh McTernan V and his wife Mary Carney. Hugh VI was born in Sheskin on Sunday, September 6, 1866.

Hugh VI married Anne McGrail, 1870--1958, on Sunday, February 24, 1895, at the Chapel of Killargue , Killarga civil parish, Co. Leitrim. Anne was from the townland of Lisfuiltaghan, Inishmagrath parish, Barony of Drumahaire, Co Leitrim. Three months later, in May, they left for America to settle in St. Louis, MO. See the McTernan History for the Hugh VI's descendants. See the McGrail History for Anne McGrail's descendants. Patrick McTernan, 1869-->1900, was the third child born to Hugh McTernan V and his wife Mary Carney. Patrick was born in Sheskin and baptized on February 6, 1869. The sponsors were Francis Dolan and Mary Carney. According to verbal family history Patrick joined the British Army around 1900 and was killed in one of the many wars in the British Empire. Jane Mary McTernan, 1872--c.1872, was the fourth child born to Hugh McTernan V and his wife Mary Carney. Jane was born in Sheskin and baptized on July 13, 1872. The baptismal sponsors were Michael Carney and Jane Dolan. Michael Carney may have been Jane's uncle, the brother of Mary McTernan, nee Carney. Jane died very young. John McTernan , 1874--1949, was the fifth child born to Hugh McTernan V and his wife Mary Carney. John was the youngest of Hugh V and Mary Carney's children. He was born in Sheskin, Drumahaire, on Wednesday, August 12, 1874. John was baptized on December 1, 1874. John and his wife stayed on the McTernan ancestral home of Sheskin and their son, Hugh McTernan VIII still owns Sheskin.

John married Ellen Woods, 1878--1940. Ellen was born in 1878, and may have been the daughter of Joseph Woods, one of the baptismal sponsors of John McTernan, 1874--1949. Ellen lived about seven years in America before returning to Leitrim to marry John McTernan. Ellen's sister also went to America. She lived at 1017 Madison Ave., Bridgeport, CT. See the McTernan History for John's descendants. Mary Carney, 1845-1916 and Hugh McTernan V, 1836-1909 were my Great Grandparents. Their son, Hugh McTiernan VI from Sheskin married Anne McGrail from Lisfuiltaghan and immigrated to St. Louis, MO in 1895. They had three children, Elizabeth Silvy, nee McTiernan, a unknown McTiernan that died at birth and my father, John Francis McTiernan, 1901--1989. My dad married Florence Fries, 1911--2000, from Belleville, IL in 1940. Michael Patrick McTiernan, 1943--, was the only child. I married Diane Rider from Baltimore, MD in 1979 and we have two children, Jeremy Patrick McTiernan, 1978--2017, and Meghan Maura Pitts, nee McTiernan, 1983--. See the McTiernan family history for the remaining Carney / Kearney descendants living in Ireland, England, Australia and America.

One of the things the Carney family might have done in the 1930's was go to the all night dances that were being held in various places in County Leitrim. Killargue had such a place. It was called Tommy Liddy's loft. The Liddy's supplied the music and played and danced all night. The "Loft" building was built by Con Kelly.

There was a Mary Carney that occupied a house in the parish of Killargue in 1857. There was another Mary Carney that was baptized on May 2, 1836, in Inishmagrath, Co. Leitrim. This Mary's parents were Michael and Mary Carney.

In 1835, Killargue was described as "a poor badly built town with nine houses and the ruins of an old church on the east side of the town". The population of the townland of Killargue in 1837 was given as 110, the total population of the parish of Killargue being 4,409. The occupiers of the nine houses in 1857 included a John Carney and a Mary Carney.

Below is a list of subscribers of the Drumahaire St. Patrick's Church Fund. All living as of 1890.

  1. Owen Carney--Bohey
  2. Michael Carney--Corrigeencor, this is 1.4.1. above
  3. Owen Carney, Cloonaquin, Cloonlogher parish.
  4. James McTernan--Doonkelly, Drumlease parish.
  5. John McTernan--Moreagh, Drumlease parish.
  6. Owen McTernan--Fawnarry, Drumlease parish.
  7. John McTernan--Gortnaskeagh, Inishmagrath parish.
  8. Michael McTiernan Sr.--Gleneige, Drumlease parish.
  9. Michael McTiernan Jr.--Gleneige, Drumlease parish.
  10. Thomas McTernan--Fawn, Drumlease or Killoghert parish.
  11. Pat McTernan, Gleneige, Drumlease parish.
  12. James McTernan, Gleneige, Drumlease parish.
  13. Mr. McGrail, Merchant, Drumkeeran, Inishmagrath parish.
  14. Miss McTernan, New York, N.Y. USA
  15. Miss McTernan, Cork
Photos of the Irish descendants: Hugh McTernan VIII and Florie and Hugh's dad John McTernan , 1874--1949.

Photos of the British descendants: Maureen Bower, nee Flynn 1947--. The British Bower family and more of the British Bower family

Photos of the American descendants: Hugh McTiernan VI , 1866--1944, and John Francis Aloysius McTiernan , 1901--1989.

Photos of the Australian dependents: Michael McTernan , 1864--1937, and the Australian Watson family

Three lines of Carney descendants at the McTernan ancestral grave site in the Abbey of Creevelea .

The beginnings of a graphical chart of all known Carney descendants

The Carney / Kearney / O'Kearney family Blazon of Arms and Crest explained and translated.

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McTernan / McTiernan, Carney and Byrne graves in the old grave yards in Killargue and Drumahaire.

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On the my maternal side I descend from Tara who was one of the 7 European daughters of Eve . Even though I am a male McTiernan, my mother was a Fries and her mother was a Blaies and her mother was a Bender so I have their mtDNA but my children would not. They would have their mother's mtDNA not mine. The mtDNA is passed down maternally not paternally. The maternal mtDNA tracking is explained at .

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