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The S.S. Campania was the name of the ship that brought Hugh McTernan VI and his wife Anne McGreal to America.

It was commissioned by the Cunard Line in 1893. The ship was only two years old when they made the trip. It held over 2,000 passengers. It was built in Scotland and could do 22 knots per hour, if you could shovel 20.5 tons of coal per hour to keep it going. It once broke a speed record by crossing the Atlantic in 5 days, 17 hours and 27 minutes.

Two years after the S.S. Campania took Hugh McTiernan VI to America it was chosen in 1897 to be used in the Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee Celebration that was reviewed by Queen Victoria on the Anniversary of her 60th year of reigning the British Empire. The S.S. Campania was the largest ship of the Cunard Line. It carried 2,000 members of the Press and the entire British House of Commons during this celebration.

Around 1915, it was refurbished by the British for use as an aircraft carrier. In a collision with the battleship HMS Revenge in the Firth of Forth Sea off Scotland the S.S. Campania sank on November 5, 1918.

Michael McTiernan

N40 03' 09.4"
W75 24' 14.1"

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