Hello from West Australia +ACE-

I am trying to locate info on my great great great grandfather , Francis Michael Edward Byrne who we feel may have been born in Ireland c 1795 and died of consumption in London in 1838 . He was a musician. His wife Ann/e (possibly maiden name Kean ) died in 1848 of consumption in a London work house. Ann named her son Edmund Kean Byrne , born 1833 in London ,after her famous cousin Edmund Kean , the famous Irish Shakespearean actor who died in 1833 in London.

Edmund Kean Byrne was transported to Western Australia as a convict in 1848 at the age of 14 years. He died in 1904. He had a brother Frank and a sister Lucy as far as we know. I understand how vague this is but I am clutching at straws so far, can anyone help at all ?


Brad Colley, West Australia

Last updated Oct 11, 1998


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