ll of the cTernan lines,

Four of the five children of Tom Flynn & Ellen McTernan, L to R: John Joseph Flynn, Angela Watson, Maureen Bower & Thomas Anthony Flynn

ritish, Carl and Maureen Bower, nee Flynn. Maureen's brothers and sisters are not shown.

ritish and American lines: starting at 3 o'clock with Courtney Eyres and going clockwise with Courtney's mother, Anita Eyres, nee Bower, John Eyres, Heidi Bower, Craig Bower, Diane McTiernan, Michael McTiernan, Carl Bower and Maureen Bower. Tony and Sharon Dunne, nee Bower and their son George are not shown.

merican, Michael and Diane McTiernan, Jeremy and Meghan McTiernan

ustralian, Frank Watson, Suzanne Watson, Eric Blake, Joy Watson, Marie Blake, nee Watson and Craig Watson. Frank Watson Jr. not shown.

rish, Hugh McTernan VIII and his neice, Maureen Bower, nee Flynn on Sheskin.

Maureen Bower, nee Flynn, her brothers and sisters, Frank Watson and I are all 2nd cousins. Our grandfathers who were siblings were born in Sheskin in the last half of the 1800s. Frank and I are a 1st cousin one generation removed to Hugh McTernan VIII, 1916--. Hugh McTernan VIII, 1916-- is the uncle of Maureen Bower, nee Flynn and her brothers and sisters.

Michael McTiernan

N40 03' 09.4"
W75 24' 14.1"


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