The History of 8 Families

The History of 8 Families


Blaies / Blaes Family Armorial Coat of Arms & Crest

The PAF descendancy chart listing all known descendants of Claude Blaies, c. 1645-->1675.

The laies family that married into the Fries family is from the villages of Diffembach and Petit Tenquin, parish of Hellimer, state of Mosel, Providence of Lorraine, France (50 miles E by SE of the city of Metz in NE France). While one immigrant brother settled in St. Louis, MO, my great grandfather, Jean Michael Blaies, 1822--1902, first settled in Arnold, MO where he married Theresia Bender, 1833--1898, in 1856, then moved to Mascoutah, IL in 1864 with his wife and family. While the town of Arnold on the Mississippi River is south of St. Louis in Jefferson Co., MO, the town of Mascoutah is in St. Clair County, across the Mississippi River in Illinois, about 10 miles east of St. Louis. My grandmother was Anne Fries, nee Blaies. They were farmers in France and farmers in Missouri and Illinois.

The 50 page history of the Blaies / Blaes family from Diffembach and Petit-Tenquin, Moselle, Lorraine, France.

Searching for links to other Blaies / Blaes families.

The people of any one country are unique in one way or another over all others. The one thing that France or rather the French have uniquely over any other country or race is their uniqueness of passion.

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