Beirne Family Blazon and Crest

eirne Family Armorial Coat of Arms & Crest

The Beirne family motto: "Fuimus", (We Have Been)

The Beirne / Bryne / Byrne Armorial Coat of Arms & Crest

The Blazon of Arms: Argent (silver) an orange tree eradicated and fructed proper, in base a lizard vert, in the dexter base point a saltire couped Gules (red), on a chief Azure (blue) the sun in splendour Or (gold) and a crescent of the first.

Translation: Ermine (fur) is the emblem of Dignity. Gules (red) denotes Millitary Fortitude and Valor. Vert (green) denotes Hope and Joy. Argent (silver) signifys Peace and Sincereity. Azure (blue) represents Loyality and Truth. Or (gold) denotes Generosity and Intellect. The lions denote Strength, Courage and Majesty. The tree denotes Antiquity and Strength. The sun is the emblem of Glory and Splendor.

Crest: A Dexter arm in armour embowed the hand grasping a sword all proper.


Seat: Chiefs of Hy-Briuin-Na Sinna, Co Roscommon



The name is derived from the Norse firstname of Bjorn, found chiefly in North Connaught. Possibly from Beirne, who was of the race of O'Conor of Magh Naoi.

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