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From: Burnsaa@aol.com > Date: Wed, 17 Jun 1998 22:46:43 EDT > To: bill_parker@msn.com, ibeirne@hotmail.com, VinKnapp@aol.com, mikehel@bestweb.net, kevin@shesmedia.com, mike.mctiernan@East, tburns@chv.mindspring.com, Iaolson@sdcoe.k12.ca.us, ohaylock@bigpond.com.au, irish.genealogy@usa.net, patricklavin@compuserve.com, Nantom4@aol.com, Tulskone@aol.com, Irish155ny@aol.com > Mime-Version: 1.0 > Subject: Beirne Roscommon > Content-transfer-encoding: 7bit > > Hello ,I'm seeking info on the Beirnes of Rosscommon,probably of Toberelva > township where lies the grave of Edward Beirne of Mullygollan D. 11/19/1909 > age 72.My father thinks this may be the father of Edward B. who married > Bridget Killmurray and came to Baltimore w/ 5 children in June 1849 .These > were my great grandparents.They came from Baslic parish where all records were > lost.We have seen some record books but of course there are a lot of holes.One > story was that they were called the "Castle Plunkett Beirnes", and they may > have been closely associated w/ the Conrys (or O'Mullconrys). > I am assuming that you have had access to the same books my father > has,ie.the Registry of Voters ,Barony of Boyle ;"Numbers in the Diocese of > Elphin- 1749";and"Books of Survey and Distribution".If not, I may have info > you can use.My dad also traveled to Rosscommon and did research there. > If you have info to share it would be much appreciated. > Terry Burns

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