Gub Glan
Jan 24 1869

Dearest Uncle

I am at present unable to find words to convey to you and to all my cousins, 
male and female (and I would here add my Aunt), the great joy that I feel in 
hearing of you being so happy and prosperous. I must before going further 
humbly state that I am more than surprised at you, my dear uncle, for not 
saying one word about your Mrs. I humbly hope she is well and if alive, 
state I congratulate her on the happy issue she has brought forth. May you 
and her be spared to enjoy the blessing of such a noble family and may they 
on their turn never be blind to the Divine precept being, honour thy father 
and thy mother, and their days will be long in the land.

I know my dearest uncle, that you nobly inculcated into their youthful minds 
the christian doctrine and I sincerely hope they on their part will not 
deviate from it and may they be blind to the path that would lead them 

Now my dear uncle, I will come to the point of your letter that leads to my 
own interest. I mean where you ask my direct wishes. Although I have had a 
great deal of experiences through life, it is not an easy matter, however as 
it is not too strange so we are disclosing our mind, I may as well be blunt. 
My whole and anxious wish would be to spend the remainder of my life where 
there are so many devoted friends. As in fact Glan has no attractions for 
me now, especially since poor old father died (may the Lord have mercy on 
his soul). So dear uncle, as you appear from the tone of your letter to be 
inclined to do something for me and as you must be aware how a man in Glan 
can live without land or capital, you are also well aware of how I could 
live in that country. You I say must be the better judge. Therefore I will 
leave my fate in your hands, do with me as thou wiltest. I know ere this 
reaches you that you may have a letter from brother James to the like 
effect, and I would sooner go into an early grave, sooner than be an 
encumberance on any man. But I know my dear uncle at the same time that the 
general impulse that actuated you to write after a lapse of such a time, 
will lead you to more generous actions. I do not say this through policy to 
lead you, no, I say it through the convictions I entertain of your sympathy 
with your suffering kinsman. Therefore I hope whatever conclusion you come 
to that you will act on it at once.

I must here respectfully state to you that since my last letter I have as I 
may say the good luck to get married and indeed I will add that I am not 
sorry for, thank God. I have met with a young woman whom I hope will do me 
credit in that country fit. I will tell you who she is. She is a daughter 
to Micky Neal who lived in Mully. You must know her father well. He was in 
your time a jolly boy, the best wrestler and dancer in the country. He says 
that he were a constant companion of yours - so that you must know him. I 
will now tell you who brother James got married to. She is a niece to 
Reverend Hugh Magouran of the same family with Bartley Fildy. Her father 
did not live in Glan, he lived at Swanlinbar and as for Sister Mary, she 
joined a very good family, but as you did not know them or in fact, I do not 
know much of them. All I know of them is that my father was very chose? Of 
what family he got, therefore I will not sensure his choice. She lives 
comfortable at present in Ballnagleragh, though I fear she will not live 
long. My mother lives with her since I got married and intends to continue 
so with her.

So you see I have nothing to prevent me from acting on your advice. I will 
now tell you about Aunt Molly, as we used to say and her son Bryan. She is 
dead for the last 15 years, so is Hugh Dolan. Bryan lives in Hugh's place 
and all Hugh's children are gone to America. Peter the eldest was through 
the war with me til the Bloody Battle of Antitriem, where he fell at my 
side. Our Commanding General was the celebrated Thomas Francis Meagher, one 
of the best Irishmen ever breathed.

I am afraid you will get tired of this haragne, but I must add another word 
to my beloved cousins and that is that I hope with their help to be able to 
raise as big a party of McT's in your New Mount Allen as ever came into 
Drumkeernan and with these hopes my Mrs is also filled. She also wants to 
have a share in this note by joining me in sending all and each of you our 
joint love,

Con & Rose McTiernan
Gub Glan
Dowra P.Office
Co. Cavan

Hi all,
Am a descendant of Hugh McTERNAN who was born in Derrinver(?)
in 1808 or 1809. He immigrated to NSW in 1841 on the "Gilbert
"Henderson" with his wife Mary (nee Glannan). They travelled out with
Eliza Glinnan, Biddy McTernan, Margaret McGlaughlan and Mary Frunene.
Hugh was a son of John McTernan, farmer of Derrinin.
Hugh had a sister, Bridget, was born in Drumkeeran in 1823 and also
came out to NSW and married John DOLAN in Sydney in 1844.
Hugh's brother Michael (Mick) McTernan married Molly.
Their son Bryan McTernan was living in Hugh DOLAN's place in 1869.
They had another son, Peter.
Hugh's second brother, Bryan McTernan married Catherine.
Bryan and Catherine's son, Con address in 1869 was Gub Glan,
Doura Post Office, County Cavan. Con McTernan married Rose NEAL,
daughter of Micky Neal from Mully.
Bryan and Catherine's son, James moved to England. James married
a niece of Rev Hugh Magrovern. Her father lived in Swanlinbar.
Bryan and Catherine's daughter, Mary married Patrick GILMARTIN. Her
address in 1869 was Stranagarvanagh, Ballinegleragh, Dowra Post Office.
Bryan and Catherine's son, John McTernan went to New York and was married.
Two of Hugh McTernan's sons married daughters of William KELLY who had
been a neighbour of Hugh McTernan in Ireland.
Am descendant of both Hugh McTernan and William Kelly.
Hugh McTernan's grazing property was called "Mount Allen" and descendants
are still farming on the land.
Hugh and wife had fourteen children so there are lots of descendants of
Dumkeeranfolk here in Australia. Know fair amount of generations in
the land down under but have scant knowledge of time in Ireland.
Geoff Hancock
Bendigo Victoria, Australia